How to upgrade from an older version of Sage Intelligence Reporting

Upgrading from an older version of Sage Intelligence Reporting to a newer version is easy. This tip helps explain the process and highlights a few points to be aware of.

First of all, any existing reports in your current version of Sage Intelligence Reporting that you'll need within a newer version will need to be manually exported out of the existing installation and imported into the latest installation. 

Only Sage Intelligence reports created in the same or a lower version of Sage Intelligence Reporting can be imported.  Newer installations of Sage Intelligence Reporting do not overwrite existing installations when installed, therefore a new separate report repository (shared folder) must be created for each Sage Intelligence version.

The process for upgrading from older versions of the software, while keeping your reports, is as follows:

Step 1: From your older version of software, export the reports you would like to use in your new installation.

1. Select the report.

2. Right-click and select Export.

3. Save to a file.

Step 2: Install the new version of Sage Intelligence Reporting.

Step 3: After registration, import your reports individually using the Sage Intelligence import feature.

1. Select report.

2. Right-click and select Imported Report.

3. A new window will appear where you can choose the Target Connection (Auto Connection, Consolidation Connection or other)* and the Report Designation (folder) in which the report will import.

4. As the file imports, it will present the following message asking where to import the back-end data to the Connector. If you have not created a NEW Container, but rather you are using an EXISTING Container, then select Yes for each question.  This means that the report, including all sub-reports (if there are sub-reports) will be imported using the existing or new Container. 

You will receive a message for every sub-report.

Please Note: As your existing reports have been designed for an older version of Sage Intelligence Reporting, they may need to be modified to function correctly in the new version. If you have Distribution instructions or Reporting Trees, you will need to manually copy the Distribution and Reporting Tree folders from the old version's repository into the new version's repository.

Check out our Sage Intelligence Learning website for more information on Reporting Trees and importing/ exporting reports. 

  • I am using SAGE Business Cloud Accounting

    But I have no options to upgrade or even any Ribbons it only has Standard Reports and My Reports 

    I can however edit the reports by adding and deleting Columns Rows .. create calculated Rows Columns 

    Through Design Option In Excel I am able to amend and create some more 

    But online seems to be very limited 

    Any comments ?