How to prevent objects from distorting in Excel

When an object has been placed in the same row as your data and you delete some of your rows, you may find that your object will either be compressed or deleted completely.   This can easily be avoided by changing a setting in your object properties, thus preventing your object from distorting in Excel. In the below example, if you delete rows 2 to 6 the object will be compressed vertically.   If you delete rows 2 to 13, the object will be completely deleted. Applies To: Microsoft Registered Excel Registered 2010, 2013 and 2016. Image 1
To avoid this from happening to your report, right-click on the object and select "Size and Properties". Image 2
Ensure that "Move but don't size with cells" has been selected under the Properties section. Image 3
If you have more than one object on a worksheet, you can select all the objects using F5 > Special > Objects and follow the above steps to set the properties on all of them. Image 4
  Image 5
You will be able to work more effectively with objects by applying this tip, and save time sorting out the layout of your reports.