Purchase Invoice dimensions


I am getting the following error when posting Purchase Invoice. 

API-01-22-05104 2106020102 (LED) : Mandatory dimension on dimension type AX1 (PIHI2 Line 50)

the account is tax account, and it is linked to AX1 dimension which is mandatory across the folder. the dimension is filled on the purchase invoice.

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    Hi Ahmed

    The below might be causes for this error:

    Dimension type AX1 is setup as a mandatory dimension in the company setup,

    No default dimension setup to extract the dimension value in default dimensions setup

    Try the resolution steps below: 

    • In SetupFinancialsAccounting interfaceDefault dimensions, select 'Purchase Invoice Line' PID code and make sure the dimension type AX1(in this example) is selected under dimension type grid and then select an identifier in the dimensions grid.
    • The identifiers tab is used to define, for each table likely to be on the line, the expression that will determine the key value. The expression is usually preset and does not need to be modified (except in some specific cases). Only the identifiers having a defined key value can be used in the second grid.