Out with the old RTF in with the new HTML editor

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HTML Editor

From V12.0.32, Sage X3 rich texts can use HTML. This feature avoids issues occurring when rich texts are translated back and forth from RTF to HTML to display on-screen. Sage X3 adapted its HTML scope to cover only features supported by Crystal Reports for text that can appear in a report. This update guarantees a maximum similarity between the report rendered using Crystal Reports and the text displayed on-screen rendered by your device’s browser.

You can go to Administration > Administration > Settings > Global settings to select the Use HTML for rich text checkbox. This checkbox activates the HTML rich text editor across Sage X3.

When you have set this option:

  • Any rich text created or modified from that point on is stored as HTML.
  • Existing texts that have not been modified are still stored as RTF.

This option allows you to progressively move to HTML without corrupting existing rich texts. You can switch between HTML and rich text but note formatting will be lost between switches.

Crystal reports changes

You need to modify the fields that display rich text so they can display both RTF and HTML during the transition phase. You can do this simply by editing the formula used in Crystal Reports to determine how to format a rich text field.

The estimated update time is around 5 to 10 minutes per report.

Sage did this update in the 64 standard reports that contain rich text fields.

Reports that do not use any rich text field do not require any modification.

You can modify the reports before switching to HTML text. Reports will continue displaying RTF as usual.

If Left({TEXTCLOB_DEB.TEXTE_0},5) = "{\rtf" Then crRTFText

Else crHTMLText

Crystal Reports HTML text interpretation supports a limited set of HTML tags and attributes covering basic text formatting only. For example, tables and text indentation are not or partially supported by the Crystal Reports HTML rendering. Sage removed these options from the rich text editor.

This list is not exhaustive and includes some of the HTML features that are not supported. The Crystal Reports HTML engine does not generally support advanced non-formatting HTML5 features.

Refer to the SAP Crystal Reports documentation or knowledge base for a list of supported HTML tags and attributes. You need to log in to access the knowledge base.