• WEB Client Session Menu missing after patching up to Patch 12.0.25

    A minor bug exists where an update to the latest Syracuse Component for Patch 12.0.25 results in the WEB Client Sessions menu under >> Administration >> Usage >> Session Management >> WEB Client Sessions to be missing.

    To resolve…

  • Sage X3 2021 R2 (12.0.26) is now available for download on our ftp site

    This delivery contains important usability enhancements and new features, including the first batch of ADC services using the X3 Services component, and a new version of the Performance Index tool. Please  review the What's New section and the Release…

  • Critical security hotfixes for U9, V11 and V12.

    A security risk within Sage X3 has been discovered that may impact customers using Sage X3, Sage X3 Warehousing and Sage X3 HR & Payroll. The security risk is related to a platform component and has no impact on the Sage X3 application code or customizations…

  • Error when opening functions

    when trying to open functions they load for about 3minutes then this error pops up. what could be issue.

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  • Migration Project

    The success of an upgrade project will depend on a number of factors:

    • Good organization
    • Good project planning
    • Number of runs
    • Involvement of the client

    Main phases 



    Kick off Meeting

    Installation of project environments

  • Troubleshooting Tips

    Identify nature of problem:




    Application Error, 




    Select the right tool for diagnosis: 


    Service logs, 


    Timing Trace, 

    Engine Trace

    Collect as much information : 



  • How to call external REST API using oAuth2 authentication?

    Hello All,

    I am new to Sage X3 REST web services. I need to call external REST API of SAP CONCUR application using oAuth2 authentication method. Is there any help guide on how I can achieve this.

    I am trying to read the data from SAP Concur system using…

  • Cumulative Patching issue 12.0.25 resolved

    When Patching from Patch 12.0.22  to 12.0.25  You may experience an issue.

    Selecting multiple Endpoints returns the below Error Message:-

    "Empty response, please check if version of X3 is compatible with this update process"

    Very important to…

  • The folder version is different from the version of the root folder. V12 Patch 22, cumulative Patch Upgrade to Patch 12.0.25

    After patching up to Patch 25 using the  Standard Patch upgrade the system returns the below error message:-

    "The folder version is different from the version of the root folder"

    To fix this, correct the entries created inside the AUPDATE Table…

  • Printing Shipment packing labels

    We are going to look at printing Delivery / Shipping packaging labels.  This is handy especially for businesses that ship goods and would like to have a label that shows the content of the parcel, destination & the origin.

    We can configure a label…

  • Elastic Search delivery


    The licensing of Elastic Search has changed: Sage does not deliver anymore the Elastic Search setup in  deliveries on our official media for on-premise Customers. Partners and customers will have to download the setup files when deploying Sage…

  • Functional Documentation Operating Budgets Sage X3

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for Functional Documentation Sage X3 V12 Operating Budgets

    Would appreciate


  • Automated Testing Platform webinar Questions & Answers

    1. Is there a way to randomize input? Can multiple tests be executed at the same time? can you use this to simulate stress tests and locking?

     In the next coming version of Sage X3 Automated Test Platform, it is planned to deliver a step definition allowing…

  • Account Interface Error

    Hi All

    Can someone please assist me with this error. The error displays when i try to run the stock accounting interface for all sites.

  • Sage X3 V11.0.19 is now available

    Mandatory components:

    • Syracuse Server 11.25
    • MongoDb 4.2.8

    Recommended components:

    • Console 2.49.0
    • Print Server 2.22
    • Elastic Search 7.9

    The patch and setup media are available on our AME FTP site.

  • Sage X3 2021 R1 (V12 patch 25) is now available

    The release is loaded with new features and changes to existing functions. Check the online Help for more information on the features list. 

    It is available for download from our FTP Server. 


    • Bank Fees - Ability to enter manual payment adjustm…
  • FUNSTKACC: Too many constants sqlCstAnalyse 128 >= 128 or "Too many constants"


    GDOSLEG variable was increased to 250 when more legislations were added to the system. Find command cannot handle more than 127 characters.


    1. To be fixed on patch 26


    1. Run the function site by site or 

    2. Change the value of…

  • Flash End of Life - Now what Part 2

    The following patches and hotfixes are available for download on our ftp site.  If you cannot find any hotfix mentioned in this blog, you can reach out to us using the normal support channel.

    Let me acknowledge  Stephanie Belasco who is the original author…

  • Supplier BP Invoices (GESBIS) - Index incorrect issue on Sage X3 2020R4 (V12 patch 24)

    A critical issue on the Supplier BP Invoices (GESBIS) has been found on the release 2020R4.
    When we try to enter more than 20 lines, we face the error message below:

    SUBBIS$adx (558) Error 8 : Index Incorrect PURTYP(20)

    The problem has been fixed for Release…

  • Error during importing of large Sales Invoice data (@X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50)

    Hi All,

    I am experiencing an intermittent error when importing large Sales Invoice files.

    During import the following error will be produced: @X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50 : Function not defined for the value given ERR

    Thereafter, all invoices…

  • Sage X3 Enablement Webinar- Serial Number Traceability- 3rd December 2020


    Serial Number Traceability- Virtual Session


    Dear Sage X3 Consultant

    Please join us for a 45 minute session covering Serial Number Traceability

    Date: 3rd December 2020 

    Time: 10:30 am 

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Presenters: Andrew Vito & Alfred Nhira…

  • Hyperlink to X3 Function from MS Office


    I am trying to understand why I cannot access an X3 function and (and record) from within a MS Office application.

    The hyperlink works when typed directly on the browser. It works from within my reporting application (SSRS). But it does not work…

  • South Africa: Section 12C Wear & Tear Allowance as 2nd plan for depreciation context

    South African Revenue Services (SARS) grants an accelerated depreciation schedule for:

    • Machinery & plant (new or used)
    • Useddirectlyin manufacturing process
    • Brought into use for the first time by the axpayer
    • For purposes of his trade

    Write-off(% of…

  • Errors after update to v12.0.23, X3

    Hello Everyone, 

    we tried to update X3 to the final version 12.0.23. but just the X3 folder was updated and the other folder was not updated. 

    and now we get errors like this: 

    and most of these source files are not in the TRT folder ??