• BP Customer Situation - Unposted Invoices negative value

    Good day all

    We have encountered an interesting situation with a client. The client did a fixed asset disposal by way of sale. The BP Customer invoice was created automatically and posted successfully linked to a cash customer. Payments were linked to…

  • STREAM - Sage X3 Implementation Methodology is now available

    What is the Sage X3 STREAM Implementation Methodology?

    STREAM has been developed based on best practices utilized on hundreds of projects, and concepts founded on industry standards such as Prince 2® and the Project Management Book of Knowledge® from…

  • Budget control on Financial Journals

    Good day,

    Is there a journal type setup that can be used for Financial Journals (i.e. General Journal) that will check the budget on the GL account and block entries to an account if no budget available ?


  • Announcing the release of Sage CRM 2021 R2

    With a range of sales, marketing and service modules that give end-to-end visibility of data and processes, Sage CRM enables customers to make better informed business decisions based on accurate information. 

    We are pleased to announce that we released…

  • Import performance enhancement

    There are two performance enhancements on Imports using templates that are included on the 2021 R3 patch. You can read all about them  by clicking on the link below.

    Import performance enhancement

  • SIHI Line 30 Legal No Account Found & Rollback Following Error in Transaction

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Error in Account interface.


    I keep having the below error when I start an account interface for a certain company.

    can anyone advise how can I solve it.

  • Memory error on PDF printing V12

    Good day Everyone

    We are experiencing issues when printing Sales Invoices to PDF through X3. This is due to a limit on Crystal 32-bit.

    Are there any other option on Sage printing to overcome this type of issue?

    Note that the customer needs to produce…

  • Sage X3 Global Newsletter July 2021

    The Sage X3 Global Newsletter for  July 2021 can be found by clicking the link below


  • Sage X3 Architecture and system requirements

  • X3 advance Bank statement

    On the reconciliation interface can we create say bank fees/charges from there instead of going out from the screen and creating the transactions manually before coming back to the it?
  • x3 advance Bank statement

    Once the statement is imported, is it possible to allocate a payment to an account and include an analytical dimension such as cost centre?
  • X3 advance Bank statement

    Can we add Matching Criteria of parameter like Amount wherever amount matching both sides it should auto match?
  • X3 advance Bank statement

    Can we select all transactions at once instead of ticking one by one?
  • Product Comparison - X3 vs 300 vs 200

    Hi Sage Community,

    I am looking for a product comparison between Sage X3, Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage 200 (Evolution).

    Where could I find this please?

  • Purchase signature workflow

    I have created a workflow for Purchase order signature to be by Product category.


    1.  IT equipment to be Signed by user A
    2. General equipment to be Signed by user B

    MY issue is, when I create a PO with both items, I want to have both User A and B approval…

  • Folder Validation Error -

    Dear Team,

    We have a situation where after coping the V11 folder from the production server and validate it in V12  in the Test server the V12 system shows the below-mentioned errors.

    Process Start on TEST SINVOICE USINVOICE U01
    Table Validation USINV…

  • Sage X3 system administration workflows

    More focus is placed on business process management controls, the purpose of this article is to focus on system administration workflows that can be used to control the events as they happen within the system.

    Common requirements include but not limited…

  • Sage X3 Integration Support

    Dear All,

    We need Sage X3 Integration support.

    3rd party program is using SQL database and we want service integration with financial information.

    Could someone suggest any Company to us?


    Volkan Vural

  • Critical issues in 2021R2 when PJM is deactivated

    A huge development was released in 2021R2 to improve PJM performances.
    Many functions which can be linked to projects (sales, purchases etc...) were impacted despite all the manual and automated QA tests.
    3 bugs are identified, we recommend to install…

  • WEB Client Session Menu missing after patching up to Patch 12.0.25

    A minor bug exists where an update to the latest Syracuse Component for Patch 12.0.25 results in the WEB Client Sessions menu under >> Administration >> Usage >> Session Management >> WEB Client Sessions to be missing.

    To resolve…

  • Sage X3 2021 R2 (12.0.26) is now available for download on our ftp site

    This delivery contains important usability enhancements and new features, including the first batch of ADC services using the X3 Services component, and a new version of the Performance Index tool. Please  review the What's New section and the Release…

  • Critical security hotfixes for U9, V11 and V12.

    A security risk within Sage X3 has been discovered that may impact customers using Sage X3, Sage X3 Warehousing and Sage X3 HR & Payroll. The security risk is related to a platform component and has no impact on the Sage X3 application code or customizations…

  • Error when opening functions

    when trying to open functions they load for about 3minutes then this error pops up. what could be issue.

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