• Exponential growth in Syracuse log files

    • Ensure you are running on latest patch sets of Syracuse
    • Review log files if there is extra logging of information
  • Error: "Process execution failed" when installing Syracuse Server

    • Check for antivirus and review if it is blocking
    • Stop Syracuse connections before initiating updates
  • Syracuse processes running out of memory

    Memory leaks can show as one Syracuse process utilising more memory and mongodb crushing. Prevalent in Syracuse releases below

    • SyracuseServer 12.5
    • SyracuseServer 11.19
    • SyracuseServer 9.19
    • Update Syracuse to higher patches paying attention to patch industrialisation…
  • Update fixed assets through import template

    NB. Standard functionality does not allow Fixed Assets to be updated through an import template.

  • SyracuseServer hotfixes are now available for V12 and V11

    SyracuseServer hotfixes are now available on our ftp server  for  V12 ( SyracuseServer  and V11:  (SyracuseServer

    The Syracuse hotfixes contain fixes for  the following issues

    • Excel export does not work from a dashboard.
    • EDI: Wrong…
  • Account Interface Error

    Hi All

    Can someone please assist me with this error. The error displays when i try to run the stock accounting interface for all sites.

  • Fixed Asset Expense Creation upon Receipt and not Invoice

    My client wants the expense to be created upon receipt of the asset. Standard Sage X3 creates Expense only when an invoice gets captured whereafter the user can capitalize the expense to create an asset.

    We are contemplating special development for this…

  • AP - AR Accounting Supplier Invoice did not create accounting document after posting

    I posted two supplier Invoices and observed it does not create a journal. I checked the accounting task and the journal on hold shows two. I check recurring tasks for the active time and it's okay. I deactivated the accounting task. Restarted batch server…

  • X3 Manufacturing - 2020R4 - Critical bug : Work Centre modification

    The records in the table CAPVAR (Capacity Variations) and RPLWST (Replacement work centres) are lost when modifying the work centre in function Work Centre (GESMWS).

    This critical issue has been fixed in 2021R1 and can be solved in 2020R4 by installing…

  • Sage X3 Online Help accessible from anywhere

    The complete technical documentation and the Online Help is  accessible from anywhere including if you are not connected to Sage X3.

    • Technical documentation: You should review all the technical documentation before you install and configure Sage X3:
  • Errors after update to v12.0.23, X3

    Hello Everyone, 

    we tried to update X3 to the final version 12.0.23. but just the X3 folder was updated and the other folder was not updated. 

    and now we get errors like this: 

    and most of these source files are not in the TRT folder ??

  • Error: "No web services processes declared in Syracuse Hosts"


    • Navigate to Administration>Administration>Servers>Hosts 
    • Select the host from the list and click Edit
    • Enter a positive value in the Number of Web service child processes box
    • Save and Test
  • Error : "Next Long" in web services

    Cause : 

    The XML or JSON file is too big.


    Remove all defaulted and unnecessary fields from the XML/JSON stream and test.

  • How to have specify xml/json return format on web services call

    adxwss.optreturn option allows for specification of return format.

    1. for JSON format

    <requestConfig xsi:type="xsd:string">adxwss.optreturn=JSON</requestConfig>

    1. For XML return

    <requestConfig xsi:type="xsd:string">…

  • How to have a formatted xml/json return on web services result

    include the highlighted option in the web service call

    <requestConfig xsi:type="xsd:string">adxwss.beautify=true</requestConfig>

  • Function to create web services pools

    1. Login into the system

    2. Navigate to Administration  > Administration > Web Services > Classic soap pools configuration

    3. Configure your web pools

  • Web service call timeout or "No data to display" message

    Increase the timeout settings by a factor.

    1. Navigate to Administration > Administration > Hosts

    2. Click edit on you server

    3. Increase the Return Request Timeout

    4. Test

    The timeout is in seconds, this value should be increased cautiously and…

  • How to terminate a process in MSSQL process

    Sometimes you might need to terminate a process in sql server.

    1. Open Sql server management studio

    2. Open a new query

    3. execute command below, processID is the sql process number

    kill processID

    NB. Ensure you terminate a correct process or seek advise…

  • Error 76 : SQL Server Error [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'AFONCTION'


    Review sql permissions on roles such as X3_ADX_SYS, compare with a working system. Consult a database administrator for assistance. 

  • Error: "[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Communication link failure : SQL Server Error"

    Cause : 

    Disk space could be running out.


    Review disk space, investigate SQL server health status.

  • Error : "Too many buttons"

    Cause : 

    The system has a limit on the number of buttons  (59) that can be entered on a window.


    Review the buttons and combine some if possible.

    Other options include using icons on the screens.

  • "Error = 3" in migration log file when executing UUMGPRETRC07 migration script

    Cause : 

    A duplicate key has been picked during the migration process


    Execute sql script to identify the duplicate keys and fix accordingly.

  • Error: "Create session error: Wrong user or password"

    Cause : 

    Syracuse user is not linked to folder users. 


    1. Navigate Administration > Users > Users

    2. Locate the username 

    3. Click edit and ensure there is a linked user on the respective folder

    NB. If the folder has a username that exact as…

  • "Error -25" or "Error -26" appears in user monitor

    These are genuine sessions, it is a bug on your runtime verison.


    patch-up to a higher patch level.

  • Error: "X3 engine error: Unable to find Server.pem"


    Missing certificate from  ..runtime\keys folder


    Copy the <ServerNam>.pem file into the ..RUNTIME\keys directory

    1. The file will be located in  …\Syracuse\syracuse\certs_tools\output
    2. Restart the Syracuse service so that it can pickup the…