• I need Sage X3 People payroll plan patches & documents for localisations Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia

    I need Sage X3 People PU9 payroll plan patches & documents for  localisations  Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. Please HELP!

  • Important: RSA Employment Tax Incentive - Post 2021 ETI Tax Relief Measures

    Hi Everyone 

    The proposed relief measures for Employment Tax Incentives (ETI) that came into effect on 1 August 2021, were effective for a 4-month period only until 30 November 2021.

    These reliefs must not be included in the Employment Tax Incentive submissions…

  • IMPORTANT: Sage X3 HR & Payroll - RSA Bi-Annual Extract UPDATE 2

    Good day X3 HR Users

    Please find additional updated patches for the South Africa bi-annual extract for V9 and V12. The following issues are addressed with these patches:

    • Updated table where additional fields were added for the Tax Certificate on both…
  • Important: RSA Bi-Annual Submission Updates 2020-2021

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User,

    The statutory pay plan for the 2020/2021 Bi-Annual Submission period has been enhanced and updated with the latest requirements as per SARS Business Requirements Specifications (BRS).

     Changes included in the updated patches…

  • Important: RSA Low or Interest free Loan/Debt Fringe Benefit - Effective August 2020

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User, 

    The repurchase rate (repo rate) has decreased from 3.75% to 3.50% on 24 July 2020. As from August 2020, the ‘low or interest free loan/debt’ fringe benefit should be calculated by using the new ‘official interest rate’.…

  • Important: RSA UIF Extract Amendments

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User,

    The UIF Extract provides details of the UIF contributions declared to the Department of Labour. Employers are required every month, by not later than the 7th of the month, to furnish the UIF with details of all their employees…

  • Important: RSA COVID-19 - Revised Further Employment Tax Incentive Amendments- South Africa

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User, 

    The Ministry of Finance published the revised draft Disaster Manager Tax Relief Bill on 19 May 2020. These revised draft Bills provide for relief measures for employers i.r.o the employment tax incentive (ETI), PAYE and SDL…

  • Important: RSA COVID-19 - Further Employment Tax Incentive Amendments Release Date

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User, 

    Please take note of the attached updated Compliance Documentexplaining all the COVID-19 relief measures affecting payroll in South Africa. 

    The Product Delivery team will release the further Employment Tax Incentive Amendments…

  • Important: RSA - Updated UI-19 Form

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User

    The UI-19 form was updated by the Department of Labour to make provision for new “reasons for termination” and “reasons for non-contribution”. This form is used to declare employee details to the Unemployment Insurance Fund…