• Monitor/manage to ensure batch jobs not taking up too much resources

    Depending on your users’ active hours and busiest times, you may want to ensure that some heavy
    processing batch jobs, such as described in this document, are not executed during the users’ main
    working hours

    You should additionally consider…

  • Validation of Historic folder

    If you upgrade or patch the main folder, the historic folder (e.g. HSEED in this example) will need to be manually revalidated.

    You will see messages to this effect, for example you will see message “The folder validation must be relaunched for the…

  • Is there any Fixed Asset Movement Report available in Sage X3?

    Our customer is looking for report from X3 as per attached format. Is there any standard report that can show this information. If not, what is the best approach to customize this report. I was thinking about using FDE but realized that FDE won't distinguish…

  • Has anyone built report using Sage Intelligence for Sage X3 Budget Commitments?

    Our customer wants a report comparing budget vs actual along with Commitments for each account by dimension. Is it possible to report on commitments using Sage Intelligence?

  • Is it possible to automatically set value for 'purchase type' field in Purchase reqeuest based on whether product is flaged as 'Capitalizable' or Not.

     E.g. If Product is flagged as 'Capitalizable', it should automatically set to 'Fixed Asset' otherwise 'Purchase'

  • Is there any parameter that controls (enables / disables) Fixed Asset revaluation provision reversal entries?

    While running depreciation after revaluation of Fixed asset, Sage X3 is adding new lines in Depreciation Journal automatically to reverse the Revaluation reserve provision created while posting Revaluation. I would like to know whether this is something…

  • Sage X3 Report Intelligence Client/Server

    I need help regarding client/server Installation of Sage X3 Report Intelligence. I have been able to successfully run the Installation on both the server and client machine but when I run for example, the Report Manager without the "Run as Administrator…

  • When importing a folder on Sage Console it gives a FATAL error when generating _adxFOLDERseq.sql

    Hi there,

    Has anyone come across this error when importing a folder on the Console? 

    I have two servers on RHEL7, one for the APP server and another for the Oracle 12c EE. The application is working and I could generate and validate folders on the Sage…

  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager Error

    Dear Sage Team, I am having a strange issue with the report manager for Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting hopefully I can find a resolution to this issue. I happens when I lunch the Report Manager only I pops up the error as attached and the report manager…

  • Accounting task issue after migration from V6.5 to V11

    PLease i need help.

    I m doing a migration from v6.5 to v11 on Oracle database.The migration went without error but the challenge is that i can't run the migration plan because the accounting task is still on progress.

    I tried to delete the value of…

  • What is elastic search?

    Elasticsearch is an open source search and analytics engine.  It stores JSON documents and adds searchable references in the form of indexes.

    Elastic search provides scalable real-time search which is scalable. Visit  https://www.elastic.co/ for inform…

  • SQL Server Error when adding new banks

    There are instances when you cannot add new banks after upgrade, new installation or folder validation.

    Refer to snippet below for some of error messages.


    1. Activate activity code CHQ

    2. Perform dictionary validation filtering on the…

  • What is a variable

    A variable is used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program. It can also be defined as a keyword used after a Subprog or a Func declaration, to define the type of arguments transmitted to the called code.

    A variable takes…

  • How to search for a parameter in EM

    Let’s say you want to find if there is a parameter APPPOH for purchase order signatures. If you do not know the module or where to find it, perform a parameter search as follows;

    Go to

    1. Setup > General parameters > Click on Parameter valu…
  • Create an input/dialogue box through code

    local char EnteredValue (30)     #Variable to store input data

    Local Integer ZLENGTH                  #Length of the field in displayed window

    local integer ZJJSTAT                    #Variable to return status of executing the code

    Call SAICAR([L]EnteredValue,"JJ Test input box :","What…

  • How to Programmatically remove delete options from envelope

    Hi All

    Can't find any information regarding hiding the some options on the options GRID

    would like to hide the delete button if the Created user <> than the user like in the screenshot below 


    If anyone has more detail on how to achieve this…

  • How to open an existing trace file in code

    Variable GTRACE contains name of active trace file. Assign the trace file name you want to open as per snippet below.

    Local Char ZTMP
    GTRACE = "file name of trace file"
    Call LEC_TRACE From LECFIC   ##### to display the trace/log…

  • Sage X3


    I would like to know if it is in any way possible to import Sage X3 file to Pastel Partner.

  • How to change sender email address in workflows

    Sending email from one email address or a different email per company or based on any other criteria is only currently possible through an entry point.

    Entry point "EMAIL" on process AWRKMEL caters for this request.

    1. Create a file ZAWRKMEL…

  • Problem with disabled Close button on Sales Order

    Sometimes you find yourself with a disabled Close button on Sales orders. This can be that

    1. The order is already closed
    2. Customer settings are set not to allow closing of lines.
    3. The transaction data is not consistent with controls in the system. Check…
  • Invalid value error message when using rounding value to write off The difference between invoice amount and what the customer paid

    When creating payment receipt, when the BP amount is different from the sum of the lines amount, a windows is popped up and the user can choose:

    - Bank Adjustment: In this case the system will automatically update the BP amount

    -Rounding Variance: This…

  • “Bank statement ID number non-existent” when importing Bank statement in Sage Cashbook


    Bank statement ID number non-existent


    1.Go to Common data>BP Accounting tables>Bank accounts

    2.Enter the Bank ID Number under General management Tab>Bank ID Number

    3.The Bank ID number must be 16 digits

    4.If the Bank ID number…

  • file: unauthorized media type

    Receiving error file : unauthorized media type.


    If you have created new security profiles and receive above error when uploading documents, refer to resolution below.

    Usually the admin profile will be working as it is granted full access by default…

  • Dimension/dimension restriction CAZS - Table Full Error

    Should you find yourself with more than 40 000 restriction codes to deal with:

    1. Add custom object based on table CAAUZ
    2. Add screen bases on table CAAUZ
    3. Add window based on above object
    4. Create menu item based on function e.g. GESZCAZ
    5. Link your own common…
  • How to create separate storage area on a different solution location

    Sometimes you are faced with a need to a have separate folder for storage for example to store integration files. The following process creates a new storage area on a separate drive or folder which can be different to solution folder.


    1. Create a new…