• Date syntax in GMAINT or diagnostic utility

    The correct syntax for the selection criteria for a Sage X3 date field is:  [DD/MM/YYYY]

     Classified as follows  "DD=Day", "MM=Month" and "YYYY=Year"


    Criteria using CREDAT in table for records with a CREDAT less than…

  • Error: "Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: <<masked>>\adxodbc : ini_com:SQL Server Error!(2)"

    Cause :

    There is failure to communicate with MSSQL server.


    1. Ensure SQL services are running 

    2. Ensure the servers can communicate if the system a multi tier. 

    3. Check firewall settings

  • Error: "Create session error : X3 engine error: <folder path>\FIL\ACLASSE.fde : File Non-existent"


    There are various possibilities including a corrupt ACLASSE table or an outstanding folder validation 


    1. Try to validate the ACLASSE table through Development > Data and Parameters > tables

    2. Test

    if the above fix fails, perform folder…


    Hi All

    Can someone please assist me with this issue. when clicking on the preparation plan function I keep geTting the error below, does anyone know how to fix.


  • Accounting task issue after migration from V6.5 to V11

    PLease i need help.

    I m doing a migration from v6.5 to v11 on Oracle database.The migration went without error but the challenge is that i can't run the migration plan because the accounting task is still on progress.

    I tried to delete the value of…

  • What is a variable

    A variable is used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program. It can also be defined as a keyword used after a Subprog or a Func declaration, to define the type of arguments transmitted to the called code.

    A variable takes…