• AP - AR Accounting Supplier Invoice did not create accounting document after posting

    I posted two supplier Invoices and observed it does not create a journal. I checked the accounting task and the journal on hold shows two. I check recurring tasks for the active time and it's okay. I deactivated the accounting task. Restarted batch server…

  • Date syntax in GMAINT or diagnostic utility

    The correct syntax for the selection criteria for a Sage X3 date field is:  [DD/MM/YYYY]

     Classified as follows  "DD=Day", "MM=Month" and "YYYY=Year"


    Criteria using CREDAT in table for records with a CREDAT less than…

  • Error: "Connection to server failed : X3 engine error: <<masked>>\adxodbc : ini_com:SQL Server Error!(2)"

    Cause :

    There is failure to communicate with MSSQL server.


    1. Ensure SQL services are running 

    2. Ensure the servers can communicate if the system a multi tier. 

    3. Check firewall settings

  • Error: "Create session error : X3 engine error: <folder path>\FIL\ACLASSE.fde : File Non-existent"


    There are various possibilities including a corrupt ACLASSE table or an outstanding folder validation 


    1. Try to validate the ACLASSE table through Development > Data and Parameters > tables

    2. Test

    if the above fix fails, perform folder…

  • Maximum number of publishable web service fields

    Web service object have a limit 65 000 fields. All fields in a grid are counted based on the dimension values(screen size).

  • How to check Syracuse version and patch level

    1. Login into X3 system

    2. Navigate to Administration > Utilities > About

    take note of the web server version

    How to folder patch level



    Hi All

    Can someone please assist me with this issue. when clicking on the preparation plan function I keep geTting the error below, does anyone know how to fix.


  • Dev - Custom Header Screen

    Hi All 

    Why is it that when I create a custom header screen from a standard header screen  it does not display. All the tabs display but the header does not display. This makes it impossible to make transactions?

    E.g SOH0 - Standard

           ZSOH0 - CUSTOM

  • Accounting task issue after migration from V6.5 to V11

    PLease i need help.

    I m doing a migration from v6.5 to v11 on Oracle database.The migration went without error but the challenge is that i can't run the migration plan because the accounting task is still on progress.

    I tried to delete the value of…

  • What is a variable

    A variable is used to store information to be referenced and manipulated in a computer program. It can also be defined as a keyword used after a Subprog or a Func declaration, to define the type of arguments transmitted to the called code.

    A variable takes…

  • Adding a fuction to an action button


    When we do an inquiry on stock by site, we need to be able to use the Action button on the line to access e.g. Stock movement. In V6 I had done this(right click) but it was so long ago that I forgot. Could anybody refresh my memory on how I can do…

  • Create an input/dialogue box through code

    local char EnteredValue (30)     #Variable to store input data

    Local Integer ZLENGTH                  #Length of the field in displayed window

    local integer ZJJSTAT                    #Variable to return status of executing the code

    Call SAICAR([L]EnteredValue,"JJ Test input box :","What…

  • How to Programmatically remove delete options from envelope

    Hi All

    Can't find any information regarding hiding the some options on the options GRID

    would like to hide the delete button if the Created user <> than the user like in the screenshot below 


    If anyone has more detail on how to achieve this…