• I need Sage X3 People payroll plan patches & documents for localisations Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia

    I need Sage X3 People PU9 payroll plan patches & documents for  localisations  Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. Please HELP!

  • Important: Kenya COVID-19 Tax Relief Measures - Secondary Rates

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User,

    Following the change in the Kenya tax table (please see the email below), the tax rate for the secondary employees should also be updated to 25% (previously 30%).

    The legislation does not state that "secondary employment must…

  • Important: Botswana Covid-19 Wage Subsidy

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User,

    The Minister of Finance has announced a Wage Subsidy Claim Form for certain businesses registered for tax (irrespective whether they ow tax) effective April 2020 until June 2020.

     Please refer to the attached guidelines from…