• How to hold & release salary ?

    I have a requirement to hold the salary for employees who submitted the resignation or Terminated and release the salary in next pay month.

  • Important: X3 HR & Payroll - South Africa - ETI Changes - March 2022

    Good day everyone

     The following statutory amendments have been made to the SA pay plan with regards to ETI for the 2022-2023 tax year: 

    • Employment tax incentive increase
    • Definition of employee for ETI purposes
    • Definition of ETI remuneration (Important…
  • New options on Workflow Recipient Type (TYPDES)

    Workflow for Sage X3 Hr has 3 new option:

    1. Employee
    2. Manager
    3. Hierarchical circuit

    Does anyone has a manual or information on how they work, especially the last one? There is nothing on the help file.


  • Sage office COVID-19 update: Limited support

    Dear X3 HR and Payroll User, 

    During these unprecedented times, Sage remains committed to ensuring the success of our customers, business partners and colleagues. We are working tirelessly to ensure that we support all responsible measures to contain the…