Important: X3 HR & Payroll - South Africa - ETI Changes - March 2022

Good day everyone

 The following statutory amendments have been made to the SA pay plan with regards to ETI for the 2022-2023 tax year: 

  • Employment tax incentive increase
  • Definition of employee for ETI purposes
  • Definition of ETI remuneration (Important information in attached document) 

All changes are effective from 1 March 2022. 

IMPORTANT: Please read the documentation carefully BEFORE integrating the patch.

The payroll plan sequence numbers of ALL ETI headings have been changed and will be updated with the patch.

Any custom headings on the Sage reserved sequence number range from 88001 to 88325, will be replaced with the updated ETI headings.

To prevent any patching errors or incorrect update of headings, please ensure that any custom headings that exist in this range are changed before the updated ETI patch is integrated

Attached is the following: 

Version 9:

  • Pay Plan Patches - AND
  • V9_SAGEX3HRP_Tax Changes_TY2022_2023_ETI.pdf: Detailed documentation 

Version 12:

  • Pay Plan Patch -
  • V12_SAGEX3HRP_Tax Changes_TY2022_2023_ETI.pdf: Detailed documentation 

The patches must be integrated to both the reference and daughter folders.