IMPORTANT: Sage X3 HR & Payroll - RSA Bi-Annual Extract UPDATE 2

Good day X3 HR Users

Please find additional updated patches for the South Africa bi-annual extract for V9 and V12. The following issues are addressed with these patches:

  • Updated table where additional fields were added for the Tax Certificate on both V9 and V12
  • Error on Directive income code field where directives have been added on the new Directive numbers grid – V9 ONLY

Attached is the following:


  • HRTAXCERT - ATB - v9 - F1633088171516 (Patch for Tax Certificate)
  • F1633084776657_ERROR_10 (Patch for error on Directive Income code)


  • HRTAXCERT - ATB - v12 - F1632906558842 (Patch for Tax Certificate)

 Please integrate the attached patches in both the reference and daughter folders.