Important: RSA UIF Extract Amendments

Dear X3 HR and Payroll User,

The UIF Extract provides details of the UIF contributions declared to the Department of Labour. Employers are required every month, by not later than the 7th of the month, to furnish the UIF with details of all their employees as defined by the Unemployment Insurance Act 63, 200.

Currently employers submit the UI-19 and UIF Extract to declare employee details to the Unemployment Insurance Fund. These two reports should be aligned, but currently this is not the case.

There are 2 places where the new UI-19 and the E03 (UIF Extract) differs namely-

  • employment status code (reason for termination codes), and
  • reason for non-contribution codes.

Amendments have therefore been made to the UIF Extract to accommodate the changes on the UI-19.  Amendments have also been made to the extract to enhance the performance of the extract and to cater for more scenarios.

Please note that certain changes have been made to the UIF Extract that requires setup to be done by the payroll user/consultant.  The required setup is explained in detail on the  document you can request from the Support team 

The service desk will also be able to assist you with the below patch files:

Version 9

  • V9 UIF
  • V9 Sage X3 HR and Payroll – UIF Extract Updates.pdf: Detailed documentation

 Version 12

  • V12 UIF
  • V12 Sage X3 HR and Payroll – UIF Extract Updates.pdf: Detailed documentation


It is important to read through the documentation before applying the patches. The patches must be integrated to the reference folder only except for the AMK files which must be applied in both the reference and daughter folders. There is no specific sequence in which the files must be integrated.


The updated UIF Extract will be included in release HR U9.0.19 (version 9) and 2020 R3 (12.0.23) (version 12).

Kind Regards 

X3 HR and Payroll Support Team