Update: Important: Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme (TERS) South Africa

Dear X3 HR and Payroll User, 

The TERS applications for May are now open. Employers must apply online. Some changes have been made to the online application system. The employer still has the option to load the employees manually or upload the CSV file.

Once on the ‘Home page’ (not necessary to login), and the employer clicks on ‘Application Info’ and then ‘Documents’, it will download the CSV file to be completed.

The Fund has clarified the information required for ‘remuneration received during shutdown period’ and has changed the heading. The amended heading now refers to ‘remuneration for work done or work to be done in May 2020’ and should exclude any ‘leave income’ (i.e. payment for annual leave if the employee is forced to take annual leave) and advance payments (i.e. TERS payments made in advance).

Therefore, when customers apply for TERS in May and uses the query released by X3 HR and Payroll, payroll plan total REM_S_CO19 which is used to populate “Remuneration received during shutdown period” should exclude leave pay or advances. Please ensure that the totals are linked to the correct headings and do a total recalculation if necessary. Since the headings are not contained in the CSV file, the file will not change, only the value reported for that specific column.

Should the employer require any assistance with the application procedure, they can refer to the Guides/video on the DoEL website, or contact the UIF call centre on 0800 030 007.

Kind Regards 

X3 HR and Payroll Support