• Renomer les états crystal report par numero de la piece


    je cherche la possibilté de renomer les états edités au lieu de garder le nom par défaut de cryctal report (Boncde2, Bonfactt2....),par nom de la piece ou le document (BL-xxx-yyy-aa)


  • Printing error for all folders including X3 folder

    Can someone please advise on how to fix the error below. it appears every time I try to print reports (Custom and Standard).

    error | Job 4 - ERR 262 from the publishing server: The connection to the file server has failed.

  • Is there any Fixed Asset Movement Report available in Sage X3?

    Our customer is looking for report from X3 as per attached format. Is there any standard report that can show this information. If not, what is the best approach to customize this report. I was thinking about using FDE but realized that FDE won't distinguish…

  • Sage X3 Report Intelligence Client/Server

    I need help regarding client/server Installation of Sage X3 Report Intelligence. I have been able to successfully run the Installation on both the server and client machine but when I run for example, the Report Manager without the "Run as Administrator…


    HI all 

    Can some please assist with a solution to  this error

  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager Error

    Dear Sage Team, I am having a strange issue with the report manager for Sage X3 Intelligence Reporting hopefully I can find a resolution to this issue. I happens when I lunch the Report Manager only I pops up the error as attached and the report manager…

  • Fixed Asset Site Transfers

    Good day

    Has anyone using V11 came across the issue where Financial site transfer of assets are not generating journals as well as not populating the FXDLIFL table correctly?

    This basically means GL and Register does not balance as well as the Funds reports…