Hello All,

    Please i need your help, anytime i transfer an item from One site to another Site the cost amount doesn't transfer along with it.

    Please Help.

  • Navigation menu not loading

    Good day

    My customer is on V12 P30 and Mongo 4.4.12

    When the user logs into X3 and select the Navigation page, the navigation page is loading a blank page. This is also happening for users linked to the ADMIN functional profile. So far the only way we…

  • Runtime - Adxadmin Hotfix 94.1.14

    Please, We can't find the Runtime - Adxadmin Hotfix 94.1.14 on the Sage FTP site. Where can we find it?

  • BP Customer Situation - Unposted Invoices negative value

    Good day all

    We have encountered an interesting situation with a client. The client did a fixed asset disposal by way of sale. The BP Customer invoice was created automatically and posted successfully linked to a cash customer. Payments were linked to…

  • Fixing Mandatory Dimensions issue

    As suggested by the title of this post, this error is because the system is looking for the dimensions.

    When this error occurs, it is because the company parameters for dimensions have been set to be Mandatory.

    Error message


    To correct this, please see…

  • Correcting a memory issue Error 160: Object memory space full *:

    This issue was observed while generating the Licence plate.

    Getting this error is related to the class memory field.

    To correct this error, you need to navigate to the following location within X3

    1. Setup > General Parameters > Folder Generation…
  • SIHI Line 30 Legal No Account Found & Rollback Following Error in Transaction

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Product Comparison - X3 vs 300 vs 200

    Hi Sage Community,

    I am looking for a product comparison between Sage X3, Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage 200 (Evolution).

    Where could I find this please?

  • X3.TRT/AWRK$adx (785) Error 76 : SQL Server Error [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function ..

    Review formulas that are in the triggered workflow. The formulas can be tested in calculator whilst the function triggering the is online/or open

  • How to read and lock a record in code

    Readlock is used to perform read operations on a table with an access key or temporary index, locking the record read.



       Readlock [ class ] [ key ] read_mode [ value_key ]
       [ With lockwait = exp_times ]


    # Read and lock loop for the first record…

  • How to read a record in code

    Read is used to perform reads on a table via an access key or a temporary index.


       Read [ class ] [ key ] [ read_modet [ key_value ] ]

    # Read of the 1st recording for which the 1st element of CLE2 is
       # the current days' date, then the date of…

  • How to check if a read command was executed successfully

    The fstat variable contains the result of an operation. Read instruction is the main table reading instruction in Sage ERP X3 code.

    When a Read instruction is executed, the cursor state is returned using variable fstat:

    - fstat = 0: The record has been…

  • How to simulate Web service environment when running code in editor

    Set GSERVEUR variable to 1 for example


    GSERVEUR = 1       #set session batch

       Call message(“I am in in batch mode”) from GESECRAN





  • How to simulate Webservice environment when running code in editor

    Set GWEBSERV variable to 1  for example


    GWEBSERV = 1       #set session batch

       Call message(“I am in in Webservices mode”) from GESECRAN






  • How to check patch level in Folder patch level in v12

    Go to Administration > Utilities >  About

    Click on X3 folder or any other folder that you have access to

    The folder patch level will be listed example patch 25 will displayed as 12.0.25

  • How to check patch level in Syracuse version in v12

    Go to Administration > Utilities About

      Here you will find component version of Syracuse and runtime

  • G_OLD_DSP: Variable non-existent

    You get the error most likely because of a low patch level which does not include a fix, contact support for fix or alternatively patch up to the latest patch set.

  • Fields are hidden and not accessible on some screens when using tablets

    If you are on version 12, this feature has been tested and worked from patch 25. Please contact support if you are on a higher patch after ensuring that all components are on the correct industrialisation.

  • Running pre-migration script UUMGPREX3 fails with an error for Sales scripts

    Most likely you are running on patch level less than 8 if on v1. It is recommended to patch up to a higher patch on any version.

    Please contact support for a fix.

  • How do I setup smtp server to use with workflows

    SMTP server is specified in general parameters and it uses default port 25


    Setup > Usage > General parameters

    Access Supervisor module and update workflow parameters

  • Workflow sending emails and email not received at recipient

    This could be due to various reason, these include the following

    -an incorrect smtp server is specified in parameters

    -specified smtp server requires authentication

    -specified smtp server requires ssl/tls activation


    For the last two option, you will…

  • How to verify if workflows are sending emails

    Access your workflow in function Setup > Usage > Workflows (GESAWA)

    Enable the debug mode

    Save and validate your workflow

    Test the workflow, a log file will be displayed

  • Printing error for all folders including X3 folder

    Can someone please advise on how to fix the error below. it appears every time I try to print reports (Custom and Standard).

    error | Job 4 - ERR 262 from the publishing server: The connection to the file server has failed.

  • SMTP not supporting TLS/SSL

    X3 workflows does support SSL/TLS security mechanisms by default. As a work-around, a relay server can be configured as middleware to accept unencrypted messages from sage x3 and the relay server will forward emails to the external smtp server as per…

  • Error code “10” when using format$() function

    Means value provided is not a string, you can enclose arguements in quotations eg "BUG" instead of just BUG.