• Sage V12 Patch 28 - Web Service Tester Error "Resource not Found"

    Hi All,

    Has anyone come across this error when testing a web service with the built in Tester (Administration - > Classic soap web services).

    This is a clean installation of V12 Patch 28 Server. I also seem to experience this on a difference installation…

  • Syracuse service not starting

    • Review credentials setup in services
    • Review antivirus setup. Start by stopping/disabling antivirus, if Syracuse starts then you will need to whitelist Syracuse in the anti-virus settings
  • Exponential growth in Syracuse log files

    • Ensure you are running on latest patch sets of Syracuse
    • Review log files if there is extra logging of information
  • Error: "Process execution failed" when installing Syracuse Server

    • Check for antivirus and review if it is blocking
    • Stop Syracuse connections before initiating updates
  • Error: "No web services processes declared in Syracuse Hosts"


    • Navigate to Administration>Administration>Servers>Hosts 
    • Select the host from the list and click Edit
    • Enter a positive value in the Number of Web service child processes box
    • Save and Test
  • Error : "Next Long" in web services

    Cause : 

    The XML or JSON file is too big.


    Remove all defaulted and unnecessary fields from the XML/JSON stream and test.

  • How to have a formatted xml/json return on web services result

    include the highlighted option in the web service call

    <requestConfig xsi:type="xsd:string">adxwss.beautify=true</requestConfig>

  • Web service call timeout or "No data to display" message

    Increase the timeout settings by a factor.

    1. Navigate to Administration > Administration > Hosts

    2. Click edit on you server

    3. Increase the Return Request Timeout

    4. Test

    The timeout is in seconds, this value should be increased cautiously and…

  • Error: "Create session error: Wrong user or password"

    Cause : 

    Syracuse user is not linked to folder users. 


    1. Navigate Administration > Users > Users

    2. Locate the username 

    3. Click edit and ensure there is a linked user on the respective folder

    NB. If the folder has a username that exact as…

  • "Error -25" or "Error -26" appears in user monitor

    These are genuine sessions, it is a bug on your runtime verison.


    patch-up to a higher patch level.

  • Error:"Cannot connect to server xx.server.local:1807; Error connect ETIMEDOUT - Error code : [500]"

    Cause :

    Services failing to communicate.


    1. Test by using telnet utility

    2. If telnet fails, switch off firewall

    3. Test

    NB. All communication ports need to be configured as exceptions on the firewall.

  • Where are syracuse log files located

    1. Locate the server on which syracuse is installed.

    2. Locate installation disk (eg C, F etc)

    3. log files are located in ...\syracuse\logs

    For errors, you can review latest files after ordering by date.

  • How to check Syracuse version and patch level

    1. Login into X3 system

    2. Navigate to Administration > Utilities > About

    take note of the web server version

    How to folder patch level


  • How to check X3 folder patch level

    1. Login into X3 system

    2. Navigate to Administration > Utilities > About

    3. Click on a folder on the list displayed

    Take note of the version displayed. 

    NB. The page also displays runtime version and ports used.