• Free Depreciation Method - Daily Depreciation

    Good day,

    Need assistance in setting up Depreciation method which will calculate straight-line depreciation but on a daily basis, not a monthly basis although the depreciation will be run monthly. 

    Thank You

  • Fixed Assets disposal

    Hello All

    An assets was created and depreciated for months, during review they discovered that they don’t have the physical assets so why is it created. Then a disposer was done by picking scrap as the reason for disposing.

    Please is there a way…

  • Fixed Asset Expense Creation upon Receipt and not Invoice

    My client wants the expense to be created upon receipt of the asset. Standard Sage X3 creates Expense only when an invoice gets captured whereafter the user can capitalize the expense to create an asset.

    We are contemplating special development for this…

  • South Africa: Section 12C Wear & Tear Allowance as 2nd plan for depreciation context

    South African Revenue Services (SARS) grants an accelerated depreciation schedule for:

    • Machinery & plant (new or used)
    • Useddirectlyin manufacturing process
    • Brought into use for the first time by the axpayer
    • For purposes of his trade

    Write-off(% of…

  • Is there any Fixed Asset Movement Report available in Sage X3?

    Our customer is looking for report from X3 as per attached format. Is there any standard report that can show this information. If not, what is the best approach to customize this report. I was thinking about using FDE but realized that FDE won't distinguish…

  • Is there any parameter that controls (enables / disables) Fixed Asset revaluation provision reversal entries?

    While running depreciation after revaluation of Fixed asset, Sage X3 is adding new lines in Depreciation Journal automatically to reverse the Revaluation reserve provision created while posting Revaluation. I would like to know whether this is something…