Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum 300) Currency NGN Company DVE Ledger Legal Site

Hello All,

Please i need your help, i tried close a financial year and i got the message below.

Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum 300) Currency NGN Company DVE Ledger Legal Site

    • Increase the following activity codes, VTP, VTL, MAXVANA and GAS (if required).
    • The preferred proportions in the relationship between activity codes VTP and VTL and parameter MAXVANA are:
      • MAXVANA = VTL
      • VTP = 3 x VTL
      • Note: Recommended that VTL not go over 4000.
        1. Verify the current amount entered in the Screen size field for activity codes VTP and VTL in Development, Data and parameters, Development Setup, Activity codes.
        2. Verify the current value entered for parameter MAXVANA in Setup, General Parameters, Parameters value, Chapter TC/ Group CPT.
        3. Determine the values that should be increased and enter it in the field.
          • For example: If the current amount for VTP is 300, change it to an amount between 500-1000. Say 600. That would then mean that VTL and MAXVANA = 200 (600/3).
          • If the VTP amount is 1700, change it to VTP to 2100 and VTL and MAXVANA = 700 (2100 / 3).
        4. Validate the associated elements controlled by the activity code.
          • See Related resources for article 19419, HTG - Dictionary Validation by activity code.
        5. Redo the process that produced the error message.
        6. If the message should appear again, go through steps 1 to 4 again.
      • Note:
        • Suppose after increasing the VTP and VTL if you get the following error;
        • "PYODT Line 2: :Maximum number of lines exceeded" during the manual remittance posting tied to scenario 3, increase the GAS activity code and then try the posting. This will correct the maximum number of lines exceeded error and may/may not produce the original error.
        • If you get the original error "Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum ###)" after increasing the GAS activity code follow the above steps 1 to 4.
        • Additionally, check the individual screens that are tied to the above activity codes to make sure the dimensions got updated correctly. I.e. take the GACCENT2 as an example, it is tied to GAS activity code. You have increased the screen dimension of the GAS activity code to 1000 and ran the dictionary validation. When checking this screen if the value on 'Line' column is not blank, then you need to double click on the field to update it and then validate the screen manually.

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