BP Customer Situation - Unposted Invoices negative value

Good day all

We have encountered an interesting situation with a client. The client did a fixed asset disposal by way of sale. The BP Customer invoice was created automatically and posted successfully linked to a cash customer. Payments were linked to the open item and the account balance for the BP is zero which is correct.

When viewing the BP Customer situation, I

t seems like the invoice is not posted - please see below screenshot:

but the invoice has been posted:

The Risk also shows as - 100 000.00 which in turn is causing issues with the credit level for this BP.

Does anyone have any idea which tables are used to determine the values for BP Situation or what could be causing the variance?

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  • Hi Andrew

    No, we logged a ticket with Sage who is currently investigating the issue/bug. We managed to replicate this on a testing environment where the posting of a BP Customer Invoice automatically generated by way of Sale of an Asset, does not update the Situation Inquiry or credit level.