Purchase signature workflow

I have created a workflow for Purchase order signature to be by Product category.


  1.  IT equipment to be Signed by user A
  2. General equipment to be Signed by user B

MY issue is, when I create a PO with both items, I want to have both User A and B approval signatures on the PO.

  • Hi Fares , in this case I think you may either need to 1) create a work flow which approves per  line (you can check PSDSIG work flow for guidance )  also check if u can group lines belonging to same category  to avoid approving individual lines , line by line  or 2) to create a function which search if there is IT or General equipment , then a work flow is created based on values from a function. (a choice can be made to either use one work flow which has 2 signatories or 2 work flows one for IT another for General equipment)