Error during importing of large Sales Invoice data (@X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50)

Hi All,

I am experiencing an intermittent error when importing large Sales Invoice files.

During import the following error will be produced: @X3.TRT/ASYRSUB$adx (602) Error 50 : Function not defined for the value given ERR

Thereafter, all invoices following the error will fail to import. However, the function still cycles through all the remaining invoice lines and attempts it anyway - this means that you will only pickup the failed imports much later on.

This is intermittent and will fail at different points. Some large files import without issue.

Has anyone experienced this or have any advice to try and resolve the error?

This is on Sage X3 V12, Patch 21. Syracuse updated to hotfix 12.6.6.