Patch updates errors hotfixes for 2021R2 & 20221 R3

The  hotfixes addresses the following issue:

After completing a Test Update (Administration > Utilities > Update > Updates -> 'Test Update'), the status of the update will indicate “Success” even if there are errors in the update logs.

This issue does not occur in previous release before V12 2021 R2.

Sage X3: 2021R2 Sage X3 Hotfix and 2021R3 Sage X3 Hotfix

Sage X3 HR: 2021R2 Sage X3HR Hotfix and 2021R3 Sage X3HR Hotfix

Sage X3 WH: 2021R2 and 2021R3 Sage X3WH Hotfix

The hotfixes can be downloaded from our ftp server Patch Update hotfixes