Flash end of life

By the end of December 2020 Adobe will no longer support Flash on the following browsers Microsoft Edge, Appel, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome & Opera.

Where do we use Flash in Sage X3?

  1. Visual process editor. The editor is the only component impacted. The visual processes will still work as displayed in HTML5.
  2. Graphical query editor. The tool that allows the dragging and dropping of fields on tables and tool that allows the editing of queries.
  3. CRM Calendar. The tool that enables appointments, calls and tasks to be displayed and entered on a calendar widget.

There are plans in place to replace Flash between August and December 2020.

Sage X3 will replace Flash on versions in current and standard maintenance support only. These versions are 11 and 12.

The updates will be delivered on Version 12 2020 R3 (12.0.23). This release is now available for download on our support ftp site.

The version 11 updates will be in October with the release on V11.0.18.