IMPORTANT – MongoDB Community Edition





All Enterprise Management Instances (including products formerly branded X3 / X3 People / Warehousing) sold on or after October 1st 2018 must use MongoDB Community Edition


As you know, our products embed a MongoDB component that can be installed either from the Sage delivery as an OEM component, or from an independent purchase / download.

MongoDB OEM Licensing terms have changed since October 1st, 2018. From that date forward, you must not use MongoDB Enterprise releases as an OEM in Enterprise Management instances. You must use MongoDB Community Edition (CE) instead.

Sage deliveries have switched to MongoDB Community Edition (CE) since September 2016 (Syracuse 9.4 delivery and all V11 and V12 releases). But you need to control your installed base and make necessary arrangements to guarantee that any instance delivered on or after October 1st 2018 has been installed using the latest setup media delivered by Sage (through ISOs or Patches) and is not using MongoDB Enterprise edition.

Those instructions do not apply to customers who have purchased their own MongoDB Enterprise licenses, they only apply to OEM installations.

You are required to control, for those customers in V9 and V11 using an OEM delivery of MongoDB:

  • That their Syracuse Web Servers are up to date (latest available release)
  • That their MongoDB instances are up to date:
    • For Syracuse V9 (EM / X3 and EMHR / X3 People)
      • From Syracuse 9.4:             MongoDB Community Edition 3.2.6 (Shipped with Syracuse 9.4)
      • From Syracuse 9.6:             MongoDB Community Edition 3.2.11 (Shipped with Syracuse 9.6)
      • From Syracuse 9.11:           MongoDB Community Edition 3.4.16 (Shipped with Syracuse 9.11)
    • For Syracuse V11 (EM / X3 and EM Warehousing / Geode)


      • From Syracuse 11.0:           MongoDB Community Edition 3.2.6
      • From Syracuse 11.3:           MongoDB Community Edition 3.2.11 (Shipped with Syracuse 11.3)
      • From Syracuse 11.11:         MongoDB Community Edition 3.4.16 (Shipped with Syracuse 11.11)

In no case should a customer have an OEM MongoDB Enterprise Edition supplied by Sage if their EM license has been supplied after September 30, 2018.

Customers who have purchased their own MongoDB Enterprise Edition licenses can continue using them of course.

We also highly recommend you upgrade your Syracuse and MongoDB instances to the latest versions (MongoDB 3.4.16) as recommended in our patch release notes, since MongoDB 3.2 releases have been moved out of MongoDB maintenance plans.

*** How to Update MongoDB ***


MongoDB is not upgraded automatically when you upgrade Syracuse. You need to use the standalone MongoDB setup executable to upgrade your MongoDB instance. Here is how:

  • Stop the Syracuse Agent (from Services). The Agent will automatically stop all related Syracuse processes.
  • If your MongoDB update requires a Syracuse Web Server update (see above), run the Syracuse Server setup (delivered by Sage along with the patch or release). The Syracuse server embeds the Node.js MongoDB driver.
  • Once the installation of the Syracuse Server is done, stop the Syracuse Agent again.
  • Launch the MongoDB setup (delivered along with the patch or release)
  • Make sure the option "The server uses and accepts only SSL encrypted connections" is checked if the original installation was set to only accept secure connections.