WEB Client Session Menu missing after patching up to Patch 12.0.25

A minor bug exists where an update to the latest Syracuse Component for Patch 12.0.25 results in the WEB Client Sessions menu under >> Administration >> Usage >> Session Management >> WEB Client Sessions to be missing.

To resolve this simply follow the below steps:-

Open and select >> Administration >> Authoring >> Pages >> Menu Submodules

Enter USAGE under the Code Column. From the results click on the Edit Icon   next to S_USAGE record


 Now select the addition Icon  under the 2nd  Items section :-

Under the Title Column enter WEB, now select WEB Client Sessions:-

Click on OK and Save the changes by selecting Save from the Menu Actions under the top right-hand side.

Log out of X3 and back in, ensuring to clear the Browser cache before logging back in again, and Voila the “WEB Client Session” menu is back with its full functionality.