How to do an Accounting Cancellation in Purchasing

There is a function in Purchasing invoices, that allows a user to  reopen, edit and delete a  journal created still in temporary status previously posted invoice. This utility is legislation dependent.

First, we set the parameter value POSTINVSUP to Yes found in Parameter values, Chapter Common Data.  The parameter checks if accounting entries on temporary status generated by the posted invoices can be cancelled.  This parameter also impacts the following functions A/P-A/R accounting > Invoicing > Customer BP invoices & A/P-A/R accounting > Invoicing > Supplier BP invoice. 

With the invoice validated, go to the Functions block, and click on accounting cancellation function & confirm cancellation.

this will reopen the invoice for editing.


This will delete the journal created if in temporary status and cancels entries written in the PTDSTKVAL table. The stock valuation may also be adjusted if parameter PRIFLG is set to Yes.