Migration Project

The success of an upgrade project will depend on a number of factors:

  • Good organization
  • Good project planning
  • Number of runs
  • Involvement of the client

Main phases 



Kick off Meeting

Installation of project environments

Design & Realisation

Analysis of new settings and parameters

Analysis of existing bespoke developments and make reviews

Write a design document for client approval

Do a first run

Carry out new setup & parameterizing

Document all changes

Carry out re-engineering of bespoke developments and resorts

Create setup patches

Creation of development patches

Carry out user training


Do a second run

Apply patches (settings/development/reports)

Test new application together with client

Validate the solution

Do a third run if needed

Roll Out

Do fourth run

Apply patches (settings/development/reports)

Number of runs

Run #1

  • Settings review
  • Old version configuration
  • Custom Development re-engineering
  • Crystal reports re-engineering
  • Unitary tests
  • Fixing errors resulting from unitary tests

Run #2

  • Apply specific patches
  • Apply settings (patch or manual)
  • Patch new crystal reports
  • Time the process precisely

Run #3

  • Post UAT run
  • Run on live environment

Run #4

  • Live and final run

Visual presentation