• Patch File - Date of Birth after 1999

    A patch file is available for download from our Software Releases and Patch Files downloads page.

    Select the Patch Files tab, then look for the line item: Date of Birth after 1999: Premier and Classic: R57a (November 2021)

    Ensure that your payroll is on

  • ETI Validation patch for Release 5.7a

    Customers claiming ETI must install the latest ETI Validation patch as soon as possible.

    We’ve identified a few scenarios which requires updated ETI payroll files to ensure that your ETI reflects accurately. 

    What does the patch fix?

    It was established…

  • ETI Validation tool for Release 5.7a

    The updated ETI Validation tool for Release 5.7a is available on  Software downloads (under Patch Files) and on the Sage Portal.

    Customers claiming ETI in the current tax year (TYE2021/2022) must download and save the ETITool_R57a.zip file, then extra…

  • Known Issue : Error Message "Method Not Found" on Release 5.7a when running reports

    Sage VIP Classic & Premier
    The following issue has been identified on Release 5.7a when printing the following reports: 
    • TERS report
    • ETI Validations
    • UI19 report
    • Service Certificate

    Example of the error:

    The issue also affects previous versions…