• Rollover into New Period - Lesotho

    Good Day

    Hope you are all well ,

    I cannot rollover into a New Processing period for my Lesotho Company , it keeps on coming up with this error message:

    No tax Tables exist for this specific tax year . This program will now shut down . Is anyone else…

  • File error 35

    Good day

    When we try and print the payslips we get the following File error 35. What could the reason be for this?

    Thank you



    we have a problem here one of our ex colleague she did a quotation for SAGE 300 now we have received an invoice for licence for SAGE 300 while we are still on premier. We've been calling SAGE but no one is helping even the saleS manager ,now we…

  • How to edit the New Payslip Layout to create Custom Payslip layout in Premier?

    Good Day All,

    Does anybody know How to edit the New Payslip Layout to create Custom Payslip layout in Premier?

    Please advise on alternative for the above if not possible.

  • Editing of 12 Month History Screen on the Employees Individual Payslip screen

    Hi , according to my knowledge the 12 month history screen available on each employees individual payslip screen should not be a screen that can be edited after roll over.

    I was trying to audit sick leave and used the 12 months history screen to verify…


    I have been working on VIP for 29 years and for the last 21 years been advocating that VIP is the nr 1 Payroll system in South Africa.

    I am currently on VIP Classic and as you can see I have been a client of VIP forever.

    I am lately so unhappy with SAGE…


    Good day

    after the update to 5.5b on VIP Premier in January 2021 .I have some issues on the ETI.

    Even if you correct information with the ETI Tool the error doesn't go away and it doesn't pull some of the information through that was there before the…

  • Allowances

    Good day citizens, 

    Our organization has decided to temporarily give an allowance of R1500 to enable employees working from home to be able to buy data (internet bundles). I have created a line for the allowance,  however,  I wanted to find out whether this…

  • File error 24 when printing payslips

  • Zambia PAYE2021

    Good day, 

    I was told by my Zambia office that the new PAYE tables are available. Is there any update from VIP available so that I can update my system, I have bi-weekly employees getting paid next week and need the new tables asap. Also, has the NAPS…

  • Provision for tax on annual bonus form

    Morning everyone,

    Compliments for the new year. Does anyone have a template of the provision for tax on annual bonus request form?

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  • ODBC Report - New Staff


    One of my ODBC reports never includes new staff for the month, I have made sure that the report is refreshing for the same month. How do i fix this or do i need to rewrite the report?

    All my other ODBC reports are working just fine. 

    Please assist?

  • Kenya Tax Tables

    Is the application of The Finance Act, 2020 No. 8 of 2020  on the Kenyan Tax Table correct?

    Someone please re-look into the interpretation of this notice and how it affects the Kenyan Tax Table as the tax calculated seems to be lower for some employees - most…

  • Technical Information & System Requirements - Premier HR, Premier VIP & Premier ESS

    Good day

    Can you please provide me with an updated Technical Information & System Requirements document for Premier HR, Premier VIP & Premier ESS document. The latest one that I can find on Sage City is a document for September 2016.

    Thank …

  • Choosing the right Sage Application


    I do not know anything about sage. However, I was asked by a company to find out what might be the Right Sage module for them to go into. i..e where to start from.

    Looking at something which manages Employee Payroll with integration capabilities…


    Good day,

    I did all the updates I am aware of with regards to the ETI but when I am running the EMP501 on the RSA submissions tool the ETI amount is incorrect.  It's the same issue we had previously with the EMP501 on the History reports screen.

  • Revised Layout for PAYE Submission File for Mauritius

    Good Afternoon,

    Please advise when we can expect the revised layout of the PAYE submission file, which must now include the monthly contribution to the Solidarity Levy Fund to be made available for Mauritius?

    I need this new report ASAP as my client…

  • Validation Warning error on vip premier

    Good day,

    I am doing my mid-year submission. When I am trying to print my validation IRP5/IT3(a) warnings and Error report it gives me an error saying File:VPEWG.PAY Status:42,00. 

    How do I clear this error?




    I did copy the patch file into the VIP Premier directory.  I complete the report according to the instruction receive from Sage City but I am not sure if I am doing it right.  Should I complete the report from 1 July 2020 to 31 August 2020 as indicated…

  • Error

    FILE : VPFILE.PAY  STATUS: 98,90   how do I fix this error?

  • Password

    A client of mine is trying to combine three different pdf payslips into one pdf document for a staff who requested for this to be done for them. We are combining these PDFs using Adobe. On doing so each document requests for a “document open password…

  • Payslip webinar

    Good day,

    I urgently need the link for the Payslip webinar arranged for 13:00 today?

  • C19 Ters Claims - Convert to Leave Days

    Good day,

    I need assistance with the C19 Ters UIF Claims. We submitted our claims and received the money. My question is, what options do I have when paying the money out to the Employees. How can we apply the money.

    Can I convert the amount paid by the…

  • MIBFA report not Balancing to Payroll Register

    Hi. Last Month we paid employees on the forecast, and "minused" hours in the current month for one of our MEIBC companies, and as a result, I have 9 employees with the negative provident, sick fund, and levies deductions and co.contributions…

  • What does it mean"? // "Please complete setup first?""

    VIP message on system.docxGood day, I am using VIP Premier Version 5.4a and I am receiving with some of my payroll's espesically when I printed the payslips this message stating "Please complete Setup First".

    I have added an extra earning…