• Salary Increase Letter

    We have created a salary increase letter for employees at Sage Premier HR but it is not showing the right values for the old and the new salary.

    I would like to know which are the right Filds to show the right values.

    Paulo Magaia

  • Salaries increase latter

    for example this month of January we increase the salaries and we have to do manual, it is possible to have the system to print for us?

    We have Sage 200c VIP and HR module.

  • File error 24 when printing payslips

  • Kenya Tax Tables

    Is the application of The Finance Act, 2020 No. 8 of 2020  on the Kenyan Tax Table correct?

    Someone please re-look into the interpretation of this notice and how it affects the Kenyan Tax Table as the tax calculated seems to be lower for some employees - most…

  • Choosing the right Sage Application


    I do not know anything about sage. However, I was asked by a company to find out what might be the Right Sage module for them to go into. i..e where to start from.

    Looking at something which manages Employee Payroll with integration capabilities…

  • ODBC

    Hi all, 

    I have updated y system to version 5.5a. However, I am trying to update the ODBC configuration but the tool screen is not appearing at all.

    I would really appreciate your urgent assistance on this matter.
  • No Payslips to Display


    Kindly assist as I'm unable to print payslips but getting the below message.

    Your assistance is highly appreciated.





    I Use Sage 200c VIP Version 5.3a

    I can not print reports in my Copy Company, I am getting the following Errors

    • FILE: VPMIS001.PAY                         STATUS: 35,00
    • FILE: VPMIS001.PAY                         STATUS: 41,00

    I have tried restoring my last backup but it does…

  • Increase screen history data export

    Good day
    We would like to export all increase history from the Increase Screen into a editable format, please advise how to do this?
    Thank you

    Natasja Kruger

    011 300 2700U11990 Increase screen export.pdf

  • Tax Year-end 2020 - Who to contact guide

    Need help this tax year-end and not sure who would be best to assist? SARS, Sage or a tax practitioner perhaps?

    We have made things easier by breaking down the year-end process for you and providing insight into who will be able to best assist with each…

  • CPU Usage

    Hi guys,

    Anybody have an issue with SAGE Processes maxing out the CPU usage? My server usage which only hosts 200c VIP and a monitoring tool shows the below:

    Top Processes:
    extend 64-bit Runtime (wrun32.exe): 88.84%
    extend 64-bit Runtime (wrun32.exe):…

  • New EE Report Format

    When will the new EE Report Format be updated on Premier Payroll?

  • Printing History Payslip for Terminated Employee


    We are trying to print history payslips for a terminated employee. It keeps saying that there is no Payslips to print.

    The client is setup on ESS on VIP Classic. The employee under question was not setup as a mobile delivery.

    Once we get to print…

  • 200c VIP Reports

    Hi guys,

    Is there a way I can view all available reports for 200c with their descriptions? Specifically for salaries, review dates and remunerations at review. 

  • Annual Licence Renewal 2020/2021

    Hello VIP Payroll Customers,

    Please be on the lookout for your annual licence renewal notification letter coming in October 2019, this will be applicable to:

    • VIP Classic
    • VIP Premier
    • Sage 200c VIP


    VIP Payroll Renewals Team

    P.S. To view invoices…

  • Sage 200c VIP: AcutoWeb and AcuToWeb Desktop have different versions (Release 5.2a or 5.2b) - solution

    An issue was identified where the following warning message appears after installing the latest runtime files for Sage 200c VIP on Release 5.2a and 5.2b:

    The message appears when you launch the application, and indicates the runtime on the server and the…

  • Import batches from Easyroster to Sage VIP

    We are  trying to import data from Easyroster to Sage VIP and it not working.

    Can someone help please!

    Thank you for your help!

  • Sage 200c VIP: Should I download a 32-bit or 64-bit installer?

    As from Release 5.1a onwards, Sage 200c VIP has 2 versions available to download on the Customer Zone.

    The terms 32-bit and 64-bit refer to the way a computer's processor (also called a CPU), handles information. The 64-bit version of Windows handles…

  • Do you have a short, quick question?

    Chat Support is an ideal way for the VIP Support Desk to assist our customers who have quick questions that require quick answers (non-investigative payroll related queries). Please note that If the query is too complicated or requires an investigation…

  • SSL for 200c

    Good day,

    Any ideas on when the SSL configurations for 200c will be ready?

  • SAGE 200c SMTP settings

    Good day everyone!

    I need advice on the following. Not sure if anybody has ever had this issue. I upgraded SAGE 200c from 5.1a to 5.1a+ and after doing so, changed the ''From Email Address'' on the Payslip PDF Setup and when testing it, it would no longer…

  • Sage 200c VIP: How do I make a Copy System for Tax Year End?

    Before you start the new tax year, you must make a copy of your payroll system, in the final period of the tax year in all companies.

    All processing, payments, reports etc. must be completed, before you make the copy of your live system, while you continue…

  • Release 5.2a available for download on the Customer Zone

    Release 5.2a is now available on the Customer Zone for all users of the Sage 200c VIP, VIP Premier and VIP Classic systems. ‎

    The main features included are:

    • RSA 2019-2020 Budget changes
    • Changes to IRP5 validation for the 2018-2019 tax yea…
  • Sage 200c VIP: There is no option to Copy an instance on the Landing Page

    Users are required to make a Copy of their system as at the end of February, to generate the tax certificates and submission files to SARS.

    On Sage 200c VIP, you click on Copy on the Landing page, to start the process.

    If you do not have a Copy option…

  • SAGE 200c External link access

    Hello SAGE city.

    I have created an external link for accessing SAGE from outside our network but it does not work except when in VPN. It does not show any errors but rather, loads the first screen which prompts you to download desktop version. After…