• Tax Year-end 2020 - Who to contact guide

    Need help this tax year-end and not sure who would be best to assist? SARS, Sage or a tax practitioner perhaps?

    We have made things easier by breaking down the year-end process for you and providing insight into who will be able to best assist with each…

  • Annual Licence Renewal 2020/2021

    Hello VIP Payroll Customers,

    Please be on the lookout for your annual licence renewal notification letter coming in October 2019, this will be applicable to:

    • VIP Classic
    • VIP Premier
    • Sage 200c VIP


    VIP Payroll Renewals Team

    P.S. To view invoices…

  • Do you have a short, quick question?

    Chat Support is an ideal way for the VIP Support Desk to assist our customers who have quick questions that require quick answers (non-investigative payroll related queries). Please note that If the query is too complicated or requires an investigation…

  • Release 5.2a available for download on the Customer Zone

    Release 5.2a is now available on the Customer Zone for all users of the Sage 200c VIP, VIP Premier and VIP Classic systems. ‎

    The main features included are:

    • RSA 2019-2020 Budget changes
    • Changes to IRP5 validation for the 2018-2019 tax yea…
  • Release 5.1a is available on the Customer Zone!

    The latest software release for Sage 200c VIP  and Sage VIP, Release 5.1a, is available on the Customer Zone for all users.

    What is included in the update?

    • Changes to RSA Mid-Year IRP5's
    • Ghana Tax Table changes effective 1 August 2018
    • Report changes…