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Patch File - Date of Birth after 1999

A patch file is available for download from our Software Releases and Patch Files downloads page.

Select the Patch Files tab, then look for the line item: Date of Birth after 1999: Premier and Classic: R57a (November 2021)

Ensure that your payroll is on Release 5.7a before extracting the zip file.(this patch file can only be installed on a system on Release 5.7a - installing the patch file on any other version will lead to more errors)

Download the zip file, extract the contents to your payroll folder and overwrite the existing files.

Note: The patch file will only prevent the date of birth from defaulting incorrectly when capturing an ID Number with a year after 1999. 

  • If your birth year is incorrect (reflecting 19xx instead of 20xx, this might result in a SARS [email protected] import error, similar to the example below:

    "7000000000202202VIPP0081300174 SURNAME EMPCODE: Monthly Calculated ETI (7004): If Year of Assessment (3025) is 2022 and ETI Month (7006) equal not to 08, 09, 10, or 11 and ETI SEZ code (7009) is not completed and if employees age for the specified month is less than 18 or greater than / equal to 30 then this field MUST be zero (0.00), (YoA3025=2022, 7004=887.60, ETI Month 7006=02, Age=122, 7009=NOT COMPLETED, 7005=1)

    In the error, you will notice the employee age is 100 years more than expected.

    When you have extracted the patch (which was included in Release 5.7b as well), you still need to review your birth dates for employees captured on Release 5.7a born 2000 or later. 

    • Access the Employee Information screen
    • Correct the Date of Birth
    • Run the IRP5/IT3a export again and import the file into SARS [email protected]