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Patch file released | Known Issue: ETI Validation Tool applying COVID rules in the 2021 calendar year

The following issue has been identified:

Currently the ETI Validation tool applies the 2020 Covid-19 ETI tax relief measure rules for month 4, 5, 6 and 7 in the 2021 year (April 2021, May 2021, June 2021, and July 2021), which is incorrect.

Read more on the following Sage city post:

Known Issue: ETI Validation Tool applying COVID rules in the 2021 calendar year


A patch for ETI Validation tool is now available on the Software Downloads Page.

Note: The updated tool is only available for systems on Release 5.6b

If your payroll system is still on Release 5.6a, for more information on the update and installation process to Release 5.6b for Sage Classic and Sage Premier, click here to access the Sage Portal

  • Click on Product Updates
  • Select your Product (Classic\Premier)
  • Select Release 5.6b
  • Click on Download Software

Once the payroll system has been updated to Release 5.6b, you will be required to download and extract the ETI Validation patch

How do I download the updated ETI Validation patch?

  • Click on Download to save the files to your computer (the download location will be determined by your browser settings)

How do I extract the ETI Validation patch files?

  • It is recommended to make a full system backup before extracting the ETI Validation patch. Click here for more details
  • Ensure no other users are accessing the payroll application, when extracting the files
  • Locate the file ETITool_R56b_20210708.ZIP file which was downloaded during the download process
  • Double-click on the .ZIP file, which will open with the default program on your computer
  • Select to Extract All the files
  • Select the payroll application folder as extraction location.
  • When prompted to overwrite existing files in the folder say Yes
  • Close the application when the extraction is complete.

How do I know the ETI Validation patch has installed successfully?

The tool is now making provision for the correct calculations for all the months in the 2022 Tax Year and going forward.

Should you require assistance with the tool, please book a consultation with your Sage business partner by clicking here.