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Release 5.6a for Sage Classic, Sage Premier and Sage 200c VIP: Scheduled for release 10 March 2021

Release 5.6a is scheduled to be available as from 10 March 2021, which will include the latest tax tables for 2021/2022 for South Africa.

Release 5.6a will also include:

  • RSA: Tax Related Changes Affecting the System
    • Tax Table Changes 2021/2022
    • Subsistence Allowances and Advances
    • Table for Calculation of Rate per km/Travel Allowance
    • Low or Interest-Free Loans/Debts
    • Cumulative Exemption for Retirement Fund Benefits and Severance Benefits
    • Value of ‘B’ in the Residential Accommodation Fringe Benefit Calculation      
    • PAYE Withholding on Annuities/Pension     
    • Reimbursements/Advances for Business Travel on Day Trips           
    • Exempt Bursaries/Scholarships      

  • Ghana (Premier Only)
    • Ghana: SSNIT Maximum Insurable Earnings

  • Lesotho (Premier/Classic)
      • Final Deduction System (FDS)        

    • Nigeria: Tax Changes (Premier Only)       

      • Statutory Changes 
      • Definition of Gross Income  
      • Exemption of Minimum Wage Earners         
      • Pension Contributions        
      • Life Assurance Deduction   
      • Tax Exemption for Compensation for Loss of Employment   
      • System Changes    
      • Definition Screens  
      • Total Income (TI)   
      • Gross Income (GI) 
      • Tax Calculation Screen Changes    

    • Tanzania: (Premier Only)
      • Tax Change for Temporary Directors

    • Other Tax Countries: Amended Statutory Reports (Premier Only)
    • Requests / New Features / Modifications Implemented / Items Resolved / Known Issues (Premier/Classic)