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  • Hello I am busy with Oct salary. Two employees were resigned in September 2019, but I did not terminated them in month Setpember and I rolled over the system to Oct. I noted that the two terminated employees are still in the 12 Months report as well as RemumList. Please advise how to resolve this issue. It will have the problem to PAYE and UIF.

  • Good day. If you are in October and only terminated the employees now in October for September, those employees will still form part of all reports for the month of October as they were only terminated now. There has still been activity on their record. Only once you roll over to November will they become inactive. Remember, these employees still have figures for the tax year, they will always be on the 12 month report for the current tax year. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • Good Day,

    I am trying to run my equity reports I am on version 5.3b. The error is runtime 70 permission denied

  • Hello, you have asked this question on an announcement thread, please will you add a new question to the general discussion forum, you do this by clicking on the +New button on the right of the screen. The team will then be able to pick up the question and respond. Thank you.

  • Good day

    I am so frustrated, support is no longer what it was. I really don't know what to say. I am struggling to get assistance since last Thursday no one just bothers.