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ETI Validation tool

During the mid-year reconciliation period, it came to our attention that some customers Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) company setups were incorrect resulting in incorrect amounts being utilised. A new in-system tool is now available for Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional customers to validate their ETI setups.

The ETI Validation tool can be used to validate your company's ETI setup for the Annual Employer Reconciliation submission.

What is the function of the new tool?

The ETI Validation Tool validates the ETI periods, ETI sets as well as selected setup related issues for the current tax year. The tool will allow you to export the data, do corrections where required, and import the corrected information into the payroll to ensure that the year-end submission to SARS will be correct.

How do I run the validation tool and correct my ETI data?

A new menu option is now available: From the Main Menu>Utilities > ETI > ETI Validation

It is advisable to make a Backup before continuing with this option.

The ETI Validation Tool comprises of 3 steps:

  • Validation of your current ETI setup and employee ETI history
  • Users to extract and correct ETI issues identified (if any)
  • Importing and updating of employee ETI records if applicable

Please read the <Help> alongside each step for more information. All the ETI Guidelines are readily available from this screen.

If you need further assistance, the following resources are available to assist you to run the ETI Validation Tool:

Should you require assistance with the tool, please book a consultation with your Sage business partner by clicking here.