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Software update: Release 5.5b released on 19 January 2021

When you launch your system the first time as from 20 January 2021, you will be prompted to update all your payroll companies to Release 5.5b.

Take note of the important notice on the subscription landing page:

Please Note: Please clear your browser cache in the event the display is not as expected or the Payroll does not load the first time.

You will have the option to Update Now (which will convert the data to the new version and apply the new changes, should be done in new pay period) or Later (continue with Release 5.5a, for example you have not rolled into a new pay period). The update must be installed in January 2021, and all users are urged to access and update as soon as possible. 

The process will convert all payroll data to the new version. Once completed, the new version number will reflect at the top of the Company Listing


Included in this software update:      

  • RSA - ETI Validation Process              

Consultant Invite Control Removed from Change Company Dates           

  • Change Company Dates         
  • Period Info (BB) Screen         
  • Enter Last Batch Number     

Africa: Tax Changes              

  • Eswatini (Swaziland)              
  • Ghana          
  • SNNIT Calculation Change    
  • Lesotho  
  • Kenya      
  • Malawi    
  • Zambia   
  • Zimbabwe                 

Africa New and Changed Reports     

  • Angola Annual IRT Report    
  • Eswatini (Swaziland) eNPF200 Form
  • Lesotho FDS Monthly Reconciliation Report      
  • Lesotho P19 Employee’s PAYE Monthly Tax Return Report               
  • Tanzania Statement and Payment of Tax Withheld for Employees Report     
  • Tanzania SDL Monthly Return                 

Issues Resolved/Known Issues        

For more details on this update, refer to the What's New link under the Quick Links section of the Landing Page.

Detailed information is available on the Help file (Launch application > Help > How To) or Release Notes (Launch application > Help > Release Notes)

What do I need to do after the update?

All Users must review the Release Notes to familiarize yourself with the changes and new features