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SARS [email protected] Employer v7.0.8 is now available

SARS has released an updated version of [email protected] Employer, and is available to download. Click here to visit the website, download the latest software and read more about the latest release.

When you access your SARS application, you will be prompted to update the software.

The [email protected] application must always be on the latest version (the application will advise you that a new version is available if connected to the internet), in order to submit your reconciliation to SARS. 

All this should be done before importing your payroll files and submitting your EMP501 declaration to SARS. 

For the 2020/2021 Interim Reconciliation, the payroll release compatible with SARS [email protected] 7.0.8 is Release 5.5a, which was on 15/09/2020. Any imports from older versions might be rejected on import, due to version incompatibility.

For updated information visit[email protected]

Should you need assistance with downloading or installing the software, please contact SARS on 0800 00 7277