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Software update: Release 5.3a released on 11 September 2019

When you launch you system the first time as from 11/09/2019, you will be prompted to update all your payroll companies to Release 5.3a.

Take note of the important notice on the subscription landing page:

The process will convert all payroll data to the new version. Once completed, the new version number will reflect at the top of the Company Listing

Included in this software update:

  • IRP5 related changes
  • New RSA Reports (Stats SA and UI19)
  • Zimbabwe and DRC tax changes
  • Africa Report changes
  • Items resolved/Request implemented

For more details on this update, refer to the What's New link under the Quick Links section of the Landing Page.

Detailed information is available on the Help file (Launch application > Help > How To) or Release Notes (Launch application > Help > Release Notes)

What do I need to do after the update?

All Users

  • Review the Release Notes to familiarise yourself with the changes and new features

RSA Users:

  • Complete new IRP5 contact details on Basic Company Information Screen
  • Update the new IRP5 codes per earning/deduction definition
  • Flag employees who contribute voluntary additional tax on the payroll
  • Import Stats SA (Real number 768) and UI19 (Real number 769) reports

Swaziland Users

  • Ensure employee PIN numbers are captured correctly before exporting Electronic PAYE recon submission 
  • Setup new PAYE recon submission report selections