• MIBFA Eelctronic Submission not working

    When trying to upload the MIBFA Electronic Submission file to the MIBFA website, we get the following error message - "The ConnectionString property has not been initialized." Is there currently a known issue with the electronic submissions?…

  • Removing terminated employees - Pastel Payroll 2022


    My client uses Pastel Payroll ver 2022 update 2d. I don't normally use this system, so am in the dark...

    We need to remove terminated employees from the payroll to create space for the new employees.

    After doing the year-end rollover, they are…

  • Processing of sick leave for wage employees

    The weekly employees are setup with the working days as per the below screenshot:

    Monday to Thursday they work 8.5 hours per day and on Friday they work 6 hours.

    I processed sick for a Friday as per the screenshot below:

    When I process sick leave, it…

  • Kenya statutory report error


    Am new to pastel payroll,am getting this terminating error when running statutory reports.

  • Payroll: "The Server registration has been tampered with and cannot be added"

    Good day.

    After updating to 2022 Update 2, we are faced with an empty server and empty company list.

    When browsing to registration folder to locate the server we are faced with:

    "The server registration has been tampered with and cannot be added"…

  • Reprinting Payslips for previous year period


    How can i reprint Payslips for the previous year period.

    When i go to view , Reprint,...… I am only able to see payslips up to the current Year but i cannot find an option to view previous year(s)' payslips.

  • Consulting Mode

    Hi All,

    I am not getting Consulting Mode activated on Payroll, does anyone know if the procedure changed from ctrl+shift+c or am I using the wrong key combination.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Eugene Serfontein

  • IRP5 - transferred employees

    Good day

    I have 2 companies where I transferred 4 employees from one company to a other. But now I have a problem on my IRP5 run. The PAYE (4102), UIF (4141) & SDL (4142) amounts doesn't count up to the Total Tax, SDL and UIF (4149) code. What did I do…

  • Antivirus Program Pastel

    Good day Everyone,

    I found some information on my Antivirus program that says that I have Suspected Trojans on my Server and then I went to have a look and found that following says it is a Virus.

    C:\Windows\Installer\1d045c46.msi\(Embedded CAB)\pastel_payroll___malawi…

  • tax total 4582

    I have a query, my payroll has been running perfectly for a long time and for some reason this month, I have an exception. this exception is only on one employee, it says that  Tax total 4582 is required from the 1st March 2016. Tax total 3701 has a value…

  • New installation of pastel

    Good day Sage,

    I need to do a new installation of the following Software on our new Server 2019 Windows STD. I need to know where I must start the prerequisites for the Server and the Pastel software and what I need to install first, second ext. I also…

  • EMI501 file report

    our accountant asked for an EMI501 report as usual, but now wants an csv file does any one know what that is.