PDF Protection Password

Hi all, I am using Pastel Partner V19. I exported a batch of my client statements into a PDF file on my computer. All the statements are in one PDF, I want to use Adobe Acrobat DC to split the document into the separate PDF documents, however, the PDF is password protected. Where can I get the password to 'edit' the PDF? I want to use the separate PDF's to use Microsoft Mail Merge to email the statements to my clients, each with his / her own statement. With Mail Merge I can draw a data field into the email header, which I cannot do at the moment in Pastel Partner. Thank you.

  • Good day

    Please note that Pastel's statements/documents that are sent in a pdf format are encrypted. Since Pastel Version 11, all PDF files generated by Pastel will be 128-bit encrypted. You will notice a "lock" icon on the top left of the PDF document, which means the document cannot be edited.

    Unfortunately, you cannot decrypt the PDF files created via Pastel Version 11 and all other Versions that came after Version 11, as this was a requirement from SARS that all PDF files should be encrypted. We do not have a password to use on the encrypted pdf document.

    Please verify or reply and let us know if the advice/suggestion provided was helpful.

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