• Nett Pay List

    Good day

    Please we need Nett Pay List to print according to Department not Employee code and or Paypoint.



  • Printing / Viewing Historic Payslip

    How do I view / print a payslip from a previous financial period.

    Do be specific, I would like to view payslips from August 2019 to January 2020 for an employee who has left us.

    This information is in the previous period.

    We use Sage Payroll (Cloud)

  • 202004 April Payroll Processing - TERS Benefit

    Good day,

    How would one go about processing the April Payroll:

    1. if a company is receiving TERS benefits only

    2. if a company is receiving TERS benefits & topping up employees salaries?

    What are the implications of EMP201?

    Many thanks.

  • ACB payments


    Can anyone please assist me, I did the ACB bank setup and Exported the pay file, then imported in into my FNB account and it showed that 3 of my 4 transactions were successful, but it appears that it wasn't, because the employees have not yet receive…

  • Payroll Getting Started Guide

    New to payroll or just new to our software?

    What not make of our Payroll Getting Started Guide to assist you and get you on your way to becoming a payroll pro!

    Payroll Getting Started Guide