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Budget Speech 2021-2022: All you need to know!

Following yesterday's 2021/2022 Budget Speech announcement, we have deciphered the Budget Speech transcript and other important announcements for you, so you don't have to.

Click here to download a summary of all the changes that will affect your payroll in the new tax year.

Please take note that the changes regarding the UIF limit increase is still just proposed and has not as yet been promulgated.  The proposed change is open for public review until the end of March, and there will be a notice issued once a change has been gazetted.

Sage will release the next update Sage Business Cloud Payroll on the evening of 2nd of March 2021, which will include the latest tax tables.  This update will be live for processing on the 3rd of March 2021.

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Our online tax calculator has been updated to latest tax tables and can be found here.