• Supplier Invoices - Report does not load

    I have been trying to run the Supplier Invoices Report.  I draw this report every week in order to prepare payments.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?  How can we solve this?

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Scheduled Maintenance | 5 July 2022

    Sage Accounting will be undergoing important system maintenance on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 for 6 hours between 18:00 and 00:00.

    Please note that you will not be able to access Sage Accounting during this time.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause…

  • Advanced Inventory

    I am trying to convert a company that is running for at least 5 years to the advanced inventory system. I have questions and support do not seem to know or understand. Training material is useless. Is there somebody that can assist please.

  • emails being blocked

     Good day- your email servers remain a HUGE problem!!  We all know we have to tell clients to please save our contact details and their servers must whitelist the addresses and our domains must add SPF records, check / uncheck boxes under company settings…

  • Customer statement send [email] times out every single month. Why @Sage?


    Every single month we do very small customer statement run, and every single month (for the past 6 months) our customer statement send times out [ERROR 504 GATEWAY TIMEOUT]. We have tried sending after hours, during hours, on different days of the…

  • No support from Sage

    I have been struggling immensely to get Sage to respond to my queries I have sent dozens of emails, made dozens of calls but Sage just does not care about it's users!!
    My trial balance has not been balancing and I am unable to fix this as it is a system…

  • Yearly Subscription


    I paid for an yearly subscription in March 2022 which was to run to March 2023.

    However, my account say the registration is expired and i cannot access my data. The yearly subscription has not been effected yet.

    I have tried to contact Sage through…

  • SBCA mal-functioning??? --- No processing can be done and system is generating journals / item code costings etc

    We need urgent response from SBCA support /  development team please.

    For the past week, we are experiencing numerous issues on all companies listed on our profile:

    1. All Trial Balances are out of balance.

    2. Future dated system generated journals appear…

  • FYI Sage development team - you have made a server-wide BOOBOO

    Support, please escalate this to your development team:

    At around 15h00 today (27/01/2022) someone pushed a button and activated multi-currency features for everyone, or removed the incorrect restrictions in the back end. This means that many / all of…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Down again!

    Once again Sage is down and it is impacting our businesses.
    I want a refund of the fees that I have already paid as the service I have paid for has certainly not been delivered again.

    Every time the Sage systems go down and I am unable to do my work, it…

  • How do you get real support?

    I'm not sure how this company operates but it seems impossible to get actual support. If you call in, you stay on a queue forever. I was directed here for support. Their system dies during month end so perhaps they should offer a subscription for a partially…

  • Supplier Invoices

    Good day 

    When printing a invoice the company logo does not appear on the invoice but on the preview it do show. Please assist  

  • Vat Report Sales does not correspond with Trail balance Sales

    Our auditor contacted me to ask why we over paid SARS

    I then figured out that the VAT Report shows we generated more sales (invoices) than the Trial Balance, with quite a significant amount, how is this possible?

    So it seems like we made excessive VAT…

  • Sage Accounting Down Again? 07/09 @ 13h00

    Is Sage seriously down again? I can't even reach the home page to log in:

    This site can’t be reached

    www.accounting.sageone.co.za took too long to respond.

    What is happening? It's the 7th of the month and we are all trying desperately to run…

  • ERROR 522

    Well Sage what now.

    First the Time sheets that could not import and now Error 522.

    Please can we get feedback on when we will be back up and running. 

  • Time Tracking

    Good day 

    We are unable to import our monthly time sheets and Your Call center is no help.

    Please assist 

  • DRAFT Tax Invoices processed but not showing in Customer Transactions?

    ISSUE: I have just processed 6 x Recurring Customer Invoices under "Draft Invoices". I did this by viewin the draft invoices and selecting "Process Tax Invoices". The "last run" date is now 01/09/2021 and they have disappeared from the "View Draft Invoices…

  • Email server

    Good morning, Anyone else experiencing email issues. I cc myself in all emails sent out from Sageone but I am not receiving any. Are the servers down?


    I am looking out for a reseller since Sage Kenya office is just unresponsive and I need to acquire Sage Cloud Accounting to shift from Sage partner.

    Any leads will be highly appreciated

  • Supplier Purchase Orders not sending

    Today's problem is that any Supplier Purchase Orders we send are not sending.

    Is there a problem?
    When will it be fixed?

  • Insequential sales invoices

    I have reviewed a sales dump and noticed that the Sales invoice numbers are not sequential , ie skip a number and at times even more. What could be the reason, is this normal. How would i go about checking the intergrity of the sales and stock moveme…

  • Unable to edit client info due to a lockdown date that was set?

    What do we do where clients invoicing details have changed, you edit the details but when trying to save the details the error message "A Lockdown Date has been set. No transactions can be processed or edited with a date up to and including 29/02…

  • Download/Install Error - Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

    I have been trying to Install Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows for the past month to adjust our invoicing templates but having absolutely no luck, even after a long email thread with support agent as well as a lengthy online live chat with…

  • Journal Entry Processing

    What is the procedure to use bank account to settle office expense in journal entry transaction.

    Kindly assist in this regard.


  • Feedback

    Has anyone received any feedback as to why Sage is offline? Its now been down for well over an hour.