• ERROR 504

  • Cash Invoice on Sage Acccounting

    Good Morning,

    I have a query - I have a coffee shop and I am trying to capture the sales invoices for the day (Cash sales).

    I cannot have a option to capture a cash sale directly to a cash customer (GL Account) and affect my inventory as well.

    I had…

  • Yearly Subscription


    I paid for an yearly subscription in March 2022 which was to run to March 2023.

    However, my account say the registration is expired and i cannot access my data. The yearly subscription has not been effected yet.

    I have tried to contact Sage through…

  • Creating specific GL Account for Service Items

    In Evolution 200, we had to create groups of items and a particular group will have an Inventory, Sales, Purchases account that we could set.  For example, service items pertaining to Accounting will have the Inventory field set to "Accounting Sales…
  • Time Tracking

    Good day 

    We are unable to import our monthly time sheets and Your Call center is no help.

    Please assist 

  • Email server

    Good morning, Anyone else experiencing email issues. I cc myself in all emails sent out from Sageone but I am not receiving any. Are the servers down?

  • Bank account transactions gone missing

    ANY idea why the bank transactions (Reviewed & New) can just disappear?

    Does anyone know whether there is a filter setting somewhere on the Banking that I can take off? 

    Even new transactions diappear as we process and save  - not to even talk about…

  • Download/Install Error - Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

    I have been trying to Install Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows for the past month to adjust our invoicing templates but having absolutely no luck, even after a long email thread with support agent as well as a lengthy online live chat with…

  • Consolidating Retained Income (Opening Balance) and Retained Income (system generated) accounts in the new year

    We started using Sage Cloud Accounting in Feb 2020. In order to bring in our opening balances from Dec 2019 I manually updated all the opening balances under the company menu. We used the system for the entire 2020 financial year. At the end of the year…

  • I think sorry isn't good enough SAGE. No more excuses, we rely and PAY for your uninterrupted service!

    We really need a real explanation as to the problem here and a time frame from senior management as to when this service will be 100% functional again.

    Someone needs to be held accountable to the constant let downs and break down of service.

    We need some…

  • Sage Login

    Can you please provide some indication of when this issue can be resolved? The timing of your so called improvement could not have been worse.  We just got things implemented on sage as we changed cloud services.  According to people sage are more trust…

  • Sage Down for 8 Days

    Sage  Rage

    • 8 days unavailability! This is beyond ridiculous!

    The mills of God grind slowly, the mills of Sage grind exceedingly slower!

    • With any upgrade, does one not have a backup or fall back if the new system or upgrade does not work? Pathetic to be offline…
  • Sage Offline! Can't Login.... Urgent Attention Needed Please!

  • Sage Problems...

    The fact that its been 4 days is unacceptable! 

    Give us adequate feedback please. 

    4 Days not being able to do my work is costing me money and we need answers to know when the system will be operational.

    No Quotes, No invoices and No statements... we cannot…

  • Sage online bank feeds

    Hi, we are struggling with online bank feeds (specifically with ABSA bank account), Sage online doesn't give an error message, it just reverts to the login page or it just keeps on loading.

    What can we do to fix this? Is there a specific manner to…

  • Please help can not mail out and loosing revenue

    Please help can not mail out and loosing revenue

  • Cannot log in - your connection is not private

    security message - cannot log in

  • Consultancy

    Please advice for a reputable consultant company in Zambia for sage installing and trainings  ASAP.

  • Microfinance Application System

    Does sage have a software/application which works with microfinance in managing loans, day, weekly and monthly repayment, loan processing, collateral etc. In short I am looking for a software which help to manage a small microfinance loan?

  • Creation of bank accounts and postings

    The system have to companies namely; AFB Zambia ltd and AFB S.A Ltd. the Zambian company has 3 A/Cs, Viz; ZAR, ZMW & USD  but the same ZAR A/C also appears in S.A company. Do I need to post in both companies for ZAR transactions or delete the one in…

  • Duplicate transactions

    Hi Team, I have duplicate transactions on my sales history, how can I reverse either the duplicates or to remove all transactions and re post again?

  • How do Record Foreign transfer to Local Account with Loss/Gain in exchange rate

    I have done a bank transfer from FNB USD Account to FNB ZMW Account. How do pass this transaction in sage accounting entry? Because its giving me a difference amount on the other end.  Example I transferred $1300.00 USD and Kwacha A/C received 17111.90…

  • Inventory Management


    Please I need help regarding inventory management.

    My client is into manufacturing business, manufacturing ice cream to be precise. I recently subscribed to sage to manage this client's account however, I am a bit confused on the whole inventory…

  • How to do an Api integration to update stock quantities and selling price ?

    Hello Sage community

    Does anyone know or have experience with setting up an integration from or to SAGE ONE,  to enable sage one stock quantities and prices to be synced with a real-time live website and viceversa.?

    We currently use sage to do our billing…

  • Accounting - Formerly working - Currently offline - NO SLA ON UPTIME

    To say it is frustrating and utterly disappointing is an understatement

    Working in the IT field and consulting on business continuity and disaster recovery, I understand the inner workings of the hosted platforms very well , business continuity and disaster…