• Custom Layout Designer - Total fields

    I need assistance with customising a total field for commission and a cession

  • FYI Sage development team - you have made a server-wide BOOBOO

    Support, please escalate this to your development team:

    At around 15h00 today (27/01/2022) someone pushed a button and activated multi-currency features for everyone, or removed the incorrect restrictions in the back end. This means that many / all of…

  • Supplier Invoices

    Good day 

    When printing a invoice the company logo does not appear on the invoice but on the preview it do show. Please assist  


    Good Day

    I have requested my invoice for my online renewal a number of times.  Automated response states 'Email sent'.  This unfortunately is not the case.  I have also emailed Sage Support, with no resolution.  Please just email me my invoice for…

  • Insequential sales invoices

    I have reviewed a sales dump and noticed that the Sales invoice numbers are not sequential , ie skip a number and at times even more. What could be the reason, is this normal. How would i go about checking the intergrity of the sales and stock moveme…



    I know that the sales invoices and quotes need to be 'secured' for editing purposes, but more and more clients are signing electronically and obviously the encryption doesn't allow for that.

    Just want to know if this is a query you…

  • Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges (to only mention a few) - 18/01/2021 #onceagain #SAGEincompetence

    We have yet to receive an update and hours has passed. Once again SAGE shows to their clients that they are incompetent. :( 

  • Exclusive Selling Price

    Good day,

    I am editing my invoice/quotes on custom layout designer version 18.0. I would like to ad or select my exclusive selling price per unit. (No vat) But it keeps putting the price in with vat. 

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Recurring Invoices not changing delivery address

    Hi All 

    Please assist if possible. 

    A customer of ours has changed the information on numerous customer accounts particularly delivery addresses. 

    Now if we open the existing recurring invoices it still shows the old information how do we get the recurring…

  • Remove additional lines on Custom Layout Customer Invoice

    Good Day, 

    I am currently using Sage Accounting online for my business and have created a Customer Invoice Template using Custom Layout Designer. The Issue I am having is that it only allows 4 items per invoice page. My invoices have multiple items and…

  • Anyone else having issues generating customer tax invoices? Page times out

    We have been unable to generate customer tax invoices via the "Add tax invoice" function for 2 days now. When entering the customer name, or selecting from the list, the customer lookup in the background gets stuck and never resolves to bring the info…

  • Converting a quotation to an Invoice on the mobile app

    Due to Covid-19 we have abandoned our office and need to be able to convert quotations to Invoices out in the field by using the mobile app. How can this be done ?

  • Matching an invoice to a PO


    I have a customer who issues POs and requires the invoices to be matched. However the PO's rounding is down while pastel isn't. I can fix this with a negative amount at the bottom of my invoice but the PO also calculates the VAT based on the total…

  • How do you generate a 75% invoice from quote

    Hi All

    I'm a new Sage One accounting software user. If you have a quote generated on Sage One, and after the customer accepts quote and you want to convert quote to invoice, is there a way to generate only a 75% deposit invoice that must pay against initially…

  • Duplicate transactions

    Hi Team, I have duplicate transactions on my sales history, how can I reverse either the duplicates or to remove all transactions and re post again?

  • User Defined Fields - Invoice Level

    Dear Group, 

    I created some user defined fields to capture "branch" information (as continuation from my last post - Receiving Group Payments). The information included - Branch Name, Branch Code, and VAT ID (in some cases where the branch has its own…

  • "Double quantity" invoice


    Is there a way to add a "double quantity" to your quotes and invoices?

    We sell services so might send 2x security officers to a site for 2 days. I'd like to be able to quote and invoice using columns DESCRIPTION | QTY | DAYS | PRICE | DISCOUNT…

  • Part payments to showninninvoices

    How do I add a field to an invoice to show a part payment to an invoice.  We usually have three or four installments so want to add Totalpaid field to the invoice but can only see it in customer statement.


  • Invoice Integration - API help required

    I have a hosted software application that needs to send Invoices to Sage Accounting.  We have had this working for years with Pastel Partner (using their "import a batch") but now have clients who want integration with Accounting.  My understanding…

  • Sales order still pending after linked to invoiced

    Anyone know how to resolve this?  I created an invoice by linking it to a sales order on Friday, but now the sales order is still showing as pending.

    I have already sent the invoice to the customer so cannot delete the invoice (and SARS does not approve…

  • Items Not Displaying on Search window for Mac Systems

    Dear All,

    I have a client who makes use of Apple Mac Systems in his office. We observed that items are not loading on the Item search window from the invoice page. Has anyone experienced this before? Kindly comment.


  • Customer Invoice - Characters in the description

    Hi There! Please excuse if this has been asked before. 

    We are a consulting firm and are required to include a lot of detail in our descriptions in our invoices to clients as it details what consulting work was performed. We are finding that the 100 character…

  • Auto-hide field in invoice template

    I want to add a link to a User Defined Field to my invoice template. To do so, I have created a text label and next to it, I have added a box for the User Defined Field. This works perfectly. However, in this particular instance, the UDF is sometimes blank…

  • Item Comments / Item Description - Clipboard?


    On Pastel Express / Partner, one could build a list of comments/descriptions to select and past in an Invoice, either as item description or a comment line.

    Is there anyway to achieve the same on the Accounting system, without having to re-type commonly…

  • Custom Layout Designer - header & footer duplicated on all pages


    I have two questions.

    #1 - I'm using the Custom Layout Designer. 
    I used the Modern Template as a start and saved it as my own template then adjusted everything as I needed.

    I am unable to work out how to force the header to be placed on first page…